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When two roses died.

For every Wo(w)-men.

Beneath that tree,
I do not know whose obvious name,
Her ingenuous gaze searched someone,
Or love, in the unholy town,
As her obsequious eyes, 241 more words

Is Warning & Scaring Our Girls About Opposite Sex Enough?

Not a single day passes by where you don’t have news about rapes & acid attacks.

Today’s paper reports news about a 17 year old boy who molests… 235 more words

Attitude Towards Women

Respect the SEX which gave you BIRTH!

Women, you are a blessing!

it’s been said that Adam is the alpha and also the omega, but do you really agree with this substantiate? no, I think if we go to the logic and a common thought process we will get to know the difference which according to me will transform the omega.

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Dedicated to all the rape victims and slap on so called “Human-ity” , penned down and naming : Pukaar

Adhunik samaj mein ye kaisa sannata hai, 280 more words

My Favorites

A World For Men, No Place For A Strong Minded Woman

I know I haven’t written a post for a long time, and normally I don’t voice my strong feminist views but today I just had to. 879 more words

Respect Women

Begin with your thoughts....

They say, we will empower our women
But where will it start then?
By reservations in the Parliament
or a Constitutional amendment?

By entitling them to equal wages… 210 more words

Women Empowerment