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Respect Women - Video

This girl teaches his ex boyfriend how to give respect to women. This women empowerment short film will inspire everyone to respect expertise of girl.

Short Film

Presumptuous is beautiful . . . Feminism is not famine.

Feminism is a range of movements and ideologies that share a common goal: to define, establish, and achieve equal political, economic, cultural, personal, and social rights for women. 67 more words


Respect Women: A Public Statement about women, the niqab, and liberty in Canada

More than 500 women have signed the public statement below to protest the politics of division being practised in Canada today. I am very proud proud to stand in such distinguished company. 441 more words


"We need to respect women" - Yuvraj Singh

A change in the mindset of men towards women is the need of the hour for our country. The growing rate of crime against women of our country has not only had a negative impact on the image of our country but has questioned freedom and equality of women. 238 more words


Andrew Johns is a disgrace and an embarrassment. He has proven so time and time again!

Some things (ungrateful millionaire ex player and media star)  DO NOT CHANGE

How long does the old boys club protect and support tools like him? There are too many better deserving to be in the spotlight than the likes of Andrew Johns. 1,406 more words

Australian Crimes

Through the eyes of Kartar Singh Sherawat

So I met Kartar uncle in the park today..Kartar Singh Sherawat a man who walks the Leisure valley park in Gurgaon. An old toothless man wearing a white kurta and a white safa (scarf) in the neck, he walks the park with a stick and stops by often to tell me that if all daughters start working out, we don’t need anyone to protect our country. 597 more words

A letter to the 3rd standard student Tapan Parameshwar

Dear Tapan sir,

Sir whatever you have said about Ranjini Haridas is so awesome. I hope you have been very famous now 😂. Sir,  im writing this letter not to questian you on anything else other than the following questions. 359 more words