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It's Not a Myth

What a day, what a world, and what a thing it is to be a woman.

I did not go to any official march but did my own march in the living room with my seven-year-old daughter. 891 more words

Literary Shenanigans

What is (and isn't) Feminism & Why You May be a Feminist

Note: I am not trying to convince anyone of anything. I am just sharing my views, experience, and facts. Many have assumed – on both sides of the argument – that I cannot possibly be a feminist because I do not  identify as a Democrat, and because I am a christian.  583 more words

Safe in India first, Make in India next

Ipsita Kabiraj
NSoJ Bureau
At the stroke of midnight hour on December 31, 2016, when the entire nation reveled in jubilation, Bengaluru was jolted out of frenzy as numerous women were sexually assaulted on the city’s Mahatma Gandhi Road and Brigade Road. 620 more words

Stop giving lectures to women says Siddharth

లెక్చర్లివ్వడం ఆపేయండి..
నూతన సంవత్సర వేడుకల్లో బెంగళూరు, దిల్లీ నగరాల్లో మహిళలను కొందరు కామాంధులు లైంగికంగా వేధించిన సంఘటనలు వెలుగులోకి వచ్చాయి.తాజాగా నటుడు సిద్ధార్థ్ వీటిపై ట్విట్టర్‌లో స్పందించాడు..continue

Vasundhara Kutumbam

Respect Women


Darkest night of the garden city

Kalpana M Naghnoor, Jan 09, 2017

The police were more worried perhaps with their own transfers that were happening on New Year’s eve . 814 more words


It's Not Lust

Hello guys, how you doing? Hope you all are great. Time is running like anything, couldn’t catch up with it due to few distractions these days. 511 more words

Empowering Women

Getting Respect

There is an old saying that the more things change the more they remain the same. Many women know this reality only too well. 149 more words

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