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Momina Mustehsan of ‘Afreen’ fame is being lauded for her response to this guy who said she isn’t pretty

The recent rendition of the song Afreen kept everyone hooked and it wasn’t because of the Rahat Fateh Ali Khan alone. There is hardly anyone who hasn’t heard the voice of Momina Mustehsan, who accompanied him in the song for Coke Studio Pakistan and was not mesmerised. 222 more words


Dear New Zealand Rugby management and board members,

An open letter to the NZ Rugby Union:

Dear New Zealand Rugby management and board members,

Right now, thousands of New Zealanders are questioning the culture of our country’s favourite sport and those in charge of it. 295 more words


Respect the Woman

A woman is the embodiment of beauty, she is the genesis of life. Let her live fearless

Decry rape!


To men who call women princess

I’m supposed to value the opinion a man has of me. That if he doesn’t like my Facebook post and picture on Instagram, he’s just not that into me. 635 more words

Stop sexist comments on women

మహిళలంటే అంత చిన్న చూపా?

సుల్తాన్ షూటింగ్ సమయంలో నా పరిస్థితి అత్యాచారానికి గురైన మహిళలా తయారైంది’ – అంటూ ఆ మధ్య సల్మాన్‌ఖాన్ చేసిన వ్యాఖ్యలు దేశంలో తీవ్ర దుమారాన్నే లేపాయి..continue

Vasundhara Kutumbam

Perna Caste Women are forced into prostitution by their Husbands

పెళ్లయిందంటే పడుపు వృత్తిలోకే..!

కట్టుకున్నవాడే కాలయముడిలా మారి, ఆమెను వ్యభిచారం చేసేలా బలవంతం చేస్తాడు. అత్తామామల అండతో జరిగే ఈ అరాచకానికి కన్న తల్లిదండ్రులూ అడ్డు చెప్పలేరు. ఎందుకంటే…continue

Vasundhara Kutumbam

"Dear Men" by Kalki Koechlin | Amazing Poetic Performance

A few years ago Kalki Koechlin sat down in front of a crowd and wowed them with her poetic performance. It was so inspirational that I could not let it die. 30 more words