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Make a better world for everyone

To be frank that I am given the status of CREATOR of a new world, I am bewildered of what to add and what to eradicate.How will I design the world? 607 more words

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The Value of a Teacher

Our school year has 10 extra day built into it to accommodate for snow days. Teachers are paid by salary so they make the same amount whether those snow days are used or not. 1,070 more words

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In my opinion, teachers should be paid more. They work longer hours than most people. They're responsible for the education of children who will grow up to contribute to society. They need to be prepared. Teachers aren't appreciated enough. They used to be valued by everyone. Now, they're underappreciated. When my daughter goes to school, I will thank the teachers and give them respect. They deserve it.

The Three Essentials of Right Relationship

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” Winston Churchill

The speed of change in last couple of decades makes the previous century seem like a casual stroll. 626 more words


I Know Where He Is Coming From

As the dad of a wonderful daughter, anybody who knows me will probably quickly share with you that there is nothing I won’t do to protect Kaitlyn.  413 more words

A Mother's Patience

Fun fact about me: I’m not good with kids. Like… really not good with them. I wrote a post a few months ago on my other blog (the heavily neglected one), called Small Humans. 400 more words

How rape gets its foot in the door

Summer of 1994. I was fifteen years old. Like thousands – perhaps millions – of teenagers before and since, I lied to my parents. Told them I was going to the beach with my friend – we’ll call her Brittany – and her family. 1,359 more words


Bangun Jembatan, bukan Tembok

Alkisah ada dua orang kakak beradik yang tinggal berdampingan. Sudah lama mereka hidup rukun dan damai, namun entah mengapa kini mereka terjebak dalam pertengkaran serius dan tidak saling bertegur sapa lagi. 229 more words