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All grown up!!

Here are some signs that you have finally grown up.

  • You realize there are more younger ones than elder people at your youth church
  • You start to admire elders for having…
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A Women but NOT an Object

This was written after observing the relationship of a husband and wife (who came from India leaving everything for her husband after marriage). The way he behaves with her and talks to her, to me it is better to stay single then to destroy someone life. 489 more words

English Poetry


As I lay in bed puzzled
I try to fit the detached puzzle pieces of my life back together
The reality of how broken I am hits me hard… 267 more words


Ultracrepidarian [uhl-truh-krep-i-dair-ee-uh n]

Let me ask you this: What does it mean to be a friend to someone?

Does it mean that you can tell them the truth about anything? 460 more words

women. men. grace.

Side 1: women are strong.
I was listening to the radio on my way to work this morning. One of the female radio anchors was super excited to tell the listeners what Channing Tatum said in an interview with Vanity Fair. 549 more words


Further to my previous post I was led to believe that if I was open and honest about any behaviour that bothered me that we would be able to discuss and address it. 559 more words



“You teach people how to treat you by what you allow,  by what you will not allow,  and by what you reinforce “.
Tony Gaskns… 204 more words