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Save £1 billion To DUP From Addition To UK National Debt

Hello Everyone

I am so disappointed and ashamed that the Conservatives, a party I have supported most of my adult life, has been dishonest, has taken a swipe at democracy.  600 more words

Emulate Your Expectations

When things ended with Mack, we were supposed to stay friends. Hah. Because obviously that works all of the time.

I’ve learned SO much from our relationship. 3,712 more words

428 New Notifications!

 It’s been a long time now since I’ve been thinking about all my social media networks. I’ve been thinking about what my social media profile really does? 301 more words


Dating Disasters (Karma)

Hey Lovelies,

On Tuesdays, I thought it would be fun to share some dating disaster stories. A few of the stories will be my own and others will not. 953 more words

Inspiration of the day

NYC police officer standing up for human values. May many good people follow his lead. He inspires. He calls himself Huge Fat Loser since he chronicles his weight loss on the internet. He is a winner.


Life's Silver...lining

Life always has ways of surprising us, from the littlest of things to the grandest. In this Age of Opulence, where one is always vying for the gold, I will always be more than happy with Silver. 251 more words


Raising strong children in a world that can be unkind

It was at the young, tender age of four, when my girl had her first taste of bullying. Fortunately for her, that is an age where, thank God, she is still innocent to cruel jibes and taunts, and has no idea what ‘fatty watty’ even means.Unfortunately for the girl’s mother, it just so happened to be MY daughter on the receiving end of the bullying.   1,763 more words