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Shut Up Old Person. Listen Here Spring Chicken.

I found myself having a giggle the other day. I saw some advertising recently featuring a young man with a chiselled stomach made of steel; he was seducing the viewers with sassy looks reminiscent of Zoolander. 550 more words

Life And Fun

Taking things for granted

My thoughts are a bit rambling this morning so I hope my readers can understand what I am getting at.

In our society we take many things for granted. 261 more words

The Importance of Words

The Importance of Words

Once upon a time,

I was told that words could never hurt.

It now seems the opposite,

as they are so powerful, especially when curt. 139 more words


Respecting Your Team Mate

After Moses records how God made both man and woman in His image and how He made both of them equal; out of Adam’s side, the prophet Moses next explains how the man and woman were to work together. 276 more words


Why is Mother's day ("आमाको मुख हेर्ने दिन") celebrated in Nepal?

Once there was a boy, a shepherd, who used to take his cows other cattle to graze around the nearby pond. Everytime he started eating his lunch, a bit of his food fell into the pond. 418 more words

10 Things I Believe

  • Everything happens for a reason
  • The world is a wonderful place
  • Money can not buy happiness
  • A smile can go along way

Love is Not a Finite Resource

I think this is a conversation most parents have with their kids at some point. I had it with my older son when I was pregnant with my younger son, I had it with my younger son when my nephew was born. 311 more words