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Declutter and Self Love

Lately, I have been holding onto the past too much. I would wish and over think that things would change. They did not. Time to fully move on. 591 more words

Weight Loss

मी आणि माझा मुलगा दिवाळीच्या सुट्टित नांदेडला जाण्यासाठी ठाण्याहून नंदिग्राम (ट्रेन). मध्ये बसलो. आमच्या कंपार्टमेंट मध्ये आम्ही दोघेच होतो. आम्ही फटाफट आमच्या ब्याग्स ठेवल्या. मी वाचण्यासाठी नॉव्हेल तर माझ्या मुलाने नेहमी प्रमाणे गेम खेळण्यासाठी ट्याब काढला.

Perception Becomes Reality

This is a mini blog today.  A baby bloggy.  I had quite a profound little experience the other day, and I’d like to share it.  In the Tapping blog a few blogs back (say that five times fast), I was repeating the mantra, “Because I deeply love and respect myself.”  That’s a lot for many of us to swallow, myself included.  338 more words


Random Thoughts #4

Whenever you’re addressing an elderly person, especially when you’re conveying something which seems to be in the tone of advising them or pointing out some mistake they did or giving suggestions, try to be humble and respect the fact that they’re elderly to you and also… 477 more words

Random Thoughts

~Being Open about my Illness~You're Crazy~

At the beginning of my diagnosis I was completely in denial. So although diagnosed, I did not even acknowledge my diagnosis for the first 4 years. 344 more words


I have a feeling that Her Majesty The Queen does not ordinarily wear a mantilla when she goes to church.  But, of course, on those occasions when she has met the Pope at the Vatican there she is, dressed in black, mantilla on her head.  761 more words

Don't disrespect me.

When I’m teaching beginning English learners about verbs, I categorize them into 4 basic types; state, do, feel, and think.

A state verb is basic ‘to be’; I am (a woman, a mother, a daughter, a teacher, alive), I am — years old, I live in –. 1,533 more words