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The Red Mountain Way

In a new initiative, Principal Mr. Ryan is implementing “The Red Mountain Way,” a positive behavioral system introduced last year by Academic Interventionist Mr. Gardner. The Red Mountain Way provides structured interventions, while recognizing the positive actions that aid every student in social and academic settings. 340 more words


Libertarianism Is Respect

In my immediate family, there are multiple observances of religion and spirituality.  My wife is Catholic and I follow topixqui.

In raising our three kids, we made a point to educate and inform them in both as well as to let them know that their relationship as they go through life with the Creator (God) is ultimately between them and God, whatever path that may be. 606 more words


The Dao of Now, Part 1

A few decades ago, I attended a wedding reception on Long Island and had a conversation with a person that has stayed with me all these years. 281 more words


5 Quotes to Help Practice Kindness & Patience

Good day, beautiful people.

I feel frustrated by people lately, by the unkindness of others and in return the unkindness of myself dealing with those people through my agitations. 336 more words



            While it is technically true that everything has a reason, knowing that really doesn’t help most people deal with what feels like the unreasonable realities of life. 732 more words


Are you a wimpy parent?

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When did we become wimpy parents? When did we decide that it was more important to be our child’s friend than be their parent? 764 more words


Reverence: A Lost Concept

The word reverence is rarely used in everyday conversation. In fact, I would guess that many young people don’t know the definition. To be honest, if you would have asked me two months ago for a word that means respect and awe, I wouldn’t have been able to identify the word. 332 more words

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