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Lazy, Rude, Disrespectful

There are about to be some big changes in this house this coming week or two and there are going to be some very unhappy kids. 1,359 more words


Tell It Like It Is Thursday (Yes, You Have to Respect Yourself As A Woman First)

I know a lot of women would read this blog and get upset but guess what…IDGAF ! Yes, you have to respect yourself as a woman first before anyone else will. 669 more words

Roman Reigns- Fourth Generation of Samoan Legacy (Leati “Joe” Joseph Anoa’i)

What’s usually the first thing that pops into your wandering minds when you hear Roman Reigns; the fact he‘s a 6’3, 265 lb Samoan badass perhaps; true, but to me, he is much more than that. 1,839 more words

How do you want it

How Bad Do You Want It- Soccer Inspirational Video

Soccer is not just about the money, it is about what you achieve on the pitch. You can live a dream, which you never want to wake up from. 51 more words


Thoughtstream: Who I Am, Why I'm Here.

How do I even do this? Am I to describe myself? Am I to bring some new insight to the table? I’ll try my best. 326 more words

Food For Thought

Body Language

Dear Terrence,

The fact today that you didn’t know your body language was so disrespectful — not to mention your tone — is only mildly surprising. 684 more words

Letters To Students

Respect—A One-Way Street?

One of the biggest problems with society as it stands at present is a general lack of respect that is perpetuated by the establishment itself.  This lack of respect is particularly egregious, as it is a lack of respect for the workers, for the common man and woman, for those in most desperate need of it.  1,422 more words