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05/08/2020 : "The power of good and true art!"

Since we did post something about the importance of art yesterday, it felt only fitting to tell you how truly important it is to our psyche. 103 more words

Book Of Wisdom

What Kind of Sign Will We Post?




No judgment.

Not now.

I do not have enough information.

Today, though, I decided to be intentional in my observations as I walked along the sidewalks of a variety of different neighborhood streets where we are currently staying in Oregon. 1,083 more words

Experiencing God


Gaslighting, this word has been used a lot recently and for a good reason. However I’d never actually understood the term before now, which is alarming to say it hit such a chord with me. 1,684 more words

M.E- My Messy Exploration

What Ram Mandir Means to Me - and Why it should mean something to you.

Remember this, I can only speak on myself, my experiences that God has allowed me to have. I have never understood why so many people have villianized Hindus for wanting Ram Mandir to be built. 374 more words


No respect for the disabled pt.1

People don’t respect disabled people. In my opinion, people see disabled people as less than. People believe that disabled people actually aren’t like regular people. People think that disabled people do not have feelings and that it’s ok to treat and talk 2 disabled people any kind of way because they are dependent on them. 185 more words


RESPECT - You Have It, Men Need It

Give Respect Even Before It’s Earned

If I had a nickel for everytime I suggested to a wife that they should show their husband respect and they responded with, “As soon as he deserves it, I will.” I’d have a bunch of nickels. 375 more words

Dr. Scott Silverii

101 Reasons Why I love the Chinese

Let’s start with the most obvious reason.  Without the Chinese there would be no Chinese restaurants.  No egg rolls.  No chop suey.  No fortune cookies.  No egg foo young.  2,405 more words