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Big word but means alot!

I saw this post from someone unknown in Twitter…

This statement is sarcastically true lalo na sa panahon ngayon ng eleksyon. 271 more words

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Angel Messages May 6 2016

Your Daily Message from Angels…


We love you

Thank you, Angels!!

Angel Messages

Yard Sale, Tacos & Toby Keith

Yard Sale, Tacos & Toby Keith

Ah, the simple life is good, sitting around drinking coffee, shooting the breeze; all while doing something for someone that can’t but yet they deserve the attention. 814 more words

Life And Living

What is press-worthy scholarship?

As I was avoiding real work and morning traffic, there were a bunch of interesting things on twitter, as usual. Two things stood out.

First was… 771 more words

Everyday Value

My neighbor died today. Her granddaughter found her on the floor at home, apparently dead of a heart attack. Her little dog was frantic, as you might imagine, and the granddaughter is taking the pup home for now. 569 more words



Where have they gone?  I see rudeness and a complete and utter lack of care for the fellow human being lately.  I still see people holding doors for others and such, but I also see people bumping into someone and when they say “Excuse me,” they are met with aggression.   732 more words

Why is it called mamaandhood?

You might want to know why I choose exactly that name for this blog?

It is really simple, to be honest! I wanted it to be a strong, yet simple name, something to… 995 more words