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Unity of Man - Sant Kirpal Singh

The intention of the movement Unity of Man is to inspire man by the ideal set by Sant Kirpal Singh:

Be good – Do good – Be one… 170 more words


Stop Being So Judgmental

Have we always been such an opinionated and judgmental society?  Or has the rise of social media just made it easier to both voice our opinions and cast judgement? 1,204 more words


100 days

Of not drinking. Of not drowning. Of consciously choosing me, before I choose someone else.

Through this period, I’ve gained more than I could ever have imagined. 371 more words

Respecting the Heart

When I reflect on my time care giving, more “case management”, for my parents or observe family and friends in a similar role, the one consistent lesson for me is “respecting the heart”.  505 more words

Caregiver Tool Kit

The Letter

It was like every other evening when I had just arrived from the office after a long day at work. Returning home back with a severe headache, I was almost drained up with the energy levels dropping faster. 1,433 more words

The 'basement kids' rock

“We Pashtuns love shoes but don’t love the cobbler; we love our scarves and blankets but do not respect the weaver. Manual workers made a great contribution to our society but received no recognition, and this is the reason so many of them joined the Taliban—to finally achieve status and power.” Malala Yousafzai, Pakistani human rights activist… 375 more words