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I'm Back!

I spent a lot of time here – in my quiet time place – during my break :)

The past month was a much needed time of rest for me. 1,532 more words


Caught in the undertow of the more spiritual wife

I grabbed an old mp3 player from the kitchen junk drawer; cheap, Creative brand, very small and better suited for running than my big Samsung Note telephone, and headed out for my little 3 mile run. 967 more words

Are We Responsible For Our Spouse's Happiness?

Last week over at the Peacefulwife Blog, one person left the following comment:

I have found it ironic that husbands are not responsible for our happiness as wives (something I am learning) but they measure their success as husbands by our happiness.

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Are you missing Peacefulwife Tips, Discussion, and Questions?

We really appreciate everyone that reads the Peacefulwife Blog. The Peacefulwife Blog is a great community to try to help strengthen marriages through God’s design. One thing some of you may not know is that April regularly puts short tips up on her Peacefulwife Facebook page.   217 more words

Respected Husband

What do you mean I haven’t been showing respect to my husband? A Husband’s Perspective

If you have read the Peacefulwife blog for any time you may have come across one of these posts. The basic idea is that I go back and take one of the Peacefulwife’s posts and try to add some additional material to what she originally said. 3,004 more words


Why A Husband Struggles To Pray With His Wife?

By my husband, Greg:

I have to admit something to you. Praying with my wife is a struggle for me. With prayer, while I do pray and pray often, I cannot make the case that I pray enough and as often as I should. 1,526 more words


The Talents of the Heart

(by the Respected Husband)

Last week, my son was performing in his school’s talent show. The Peacefulwife was working until right before the show was to start, so I needed to make sure he had everything that he needed. 869 more words