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Yep. My home educated kid is actually socialising! 

Woooo! Found another unschooling parent in my city, so we took the kids to check out some science and then let them loose on the beach park. 370 more words

Home Education

Adultism: The Missing Link

When I was about 11 years old, I decided to form a club with my friends.  It was one of many clubs, and I don’t remember what it was called, but the premise of it revolved around kids having rights. 1,320 more words

Having a Hard Time

It’s 3pm and the crying starts again. My 3-months-shy-of-3-year old son, Jason is having a rough day. This time he’s upset because he wants Mummy, and not Daddy, to wash him up after using the toilet. 555 more words

Respectful Parenting

Embracing Sadness and Many Things in Between

Imagine you have an argument with a friend. They are standing in front of you, angry, maybe raising their voice, clearly upset. And you just hand them a newspaper, point out an article about deep-sea corals and say “here, see, isn’t this interesting?”. 112 more words

Respectful Parenting

The Gift of Slowing Down

I love changing Ashley’s diapers, I love nursing her, I love bathing her and feeding her. I look into her eyes, I feel refreshed, I catch a glint in her eyes as she smiles back at me. 92 more words

Respectful Parenting

Asking the Right Question in Relationships

I am working on a member survey for one of my favorite nonprofits and it has occurred to me that many times, whether in our jobs or our lives, we are asking the wrong question. 566 more words

Parenting And Management

Limit Setting: Grabbing

In a recent thread on one of my facebook groups a parent asked about limit setting, and the model that I use came up (though only a tiny portion of it will be illustrated here…it’s a whole book’s worth). 1,680 more words

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