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"If I Could Just Make Them Understand!"

There’s this thing that happens.  It has to do with setting limits.  And understanding.

Here are a few examples of what it sounds like:

“I’ve explained why too much TV is not good for them over and over again, and they just don’t seem to understand and won’t turn it off!  2,128 more words

Dear Sara...

This week a parent writes in about the battles (and silliness) that commonly come when we utter the phrase “time for bed.”

Dear Sara,

Lately I feel like I have been in a good space with parenting and respectful parenting and can really see the benefits which has been an amazing feeling. 1,262 more words

Why we love our caravan holidays [video post]

My family are all autistic. We appreciate when sensory experiences in our environment are predictable. We enjoy the comforts and routines of home.

A few of us are ADHD. 93 more words


In defence of fewer rules and less discipline

***Okay, BIG caveat.  People have different parenting styles and mine is simply one of them.  And I know that I am light years away from being the perfect parent.   703 more words


to saw or to claw?

Rondel’s imagination and creativity have been accelerating exponentially these days, with the rather amusing side effect of turning him into a small hilarious lawyer with regards to our house rules. 418 more words

Family Life

Our unschooly dyslexic reading journey [video post]

My family are a pretty neurodivergent bunch and that means that reading words in books isn’t natural or enjoyable for all of us.

We don’t go to school or follow a curriculum at home, and we aren’t involved in any therapy or education programs. 149 more words


You can take your ‘respect your elders’ maxim...

Okay, deep breaths… ;)  

One of my most hated, most, most, most intensely hated, least liked dictates of human society is the exhortation to ‘respect your elders’. 1,353 more words