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How do I validate a child's feelings?

“Okay,” you’re asking me. “We should validate a child’s feelings, even if they seem silly to us. What does this look like in practice?”

I’m going to post some examples as a follow-up to my last post about treating a child’s feelings as valid. 467 more words

New series: respectful parenting

I am publishing some of my Facebook posts here for those who are not on there. This was a kick-off post on the topic of respectful parenting. 339 more words

Finding the Right Question

We, as human beings, are inseparable from our culture.  The culture in which we are raised, the culture of our ancestry, the culture of our families, the culture of our institutions.  2,541 more words

I'll raise them rude | Sexual Abuse Prevention

There’s a huge emphasis on raising good kids. Polite kids. Respectful kids. We’d like our youngsters to be hyper-aware of social nuances and considerate not to hurt the feelings of others. 1,736 more words


An Epic Toddler Meltdown That Made Total Sense

The trip from Tel Aviv to Sydney was long – 31 hours door-to-door. It’s full-on for an adult, let alone for a three-year-old and a five-month-old. 1,032 more words


The Perfection Deception: The Importance of 'Bucket' Days | Self Care Series

I am a massive Type-A personality. I struggle to just sit still, doing nothing – I like achieving, improving and streamlining my life. (The only exception is when I am with my twins, Sausage and Bean – I could sit with them for hours, just intentionally being present.) 990 more words


Half-baked Montessori Home | Montessori for Beginners

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Imagine the perfect Montessori home. It’s calm, beautiful, and completely child-friendly. Little Timmy can just toddle around at will, helping himself to snacks, drinks & activities. 907 more words