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Music Soothes the Savage Breast: On Listening

There’s a lot of talk in positive parenting circles–and in general–about the importance of listening to our children, particularly about their thoughts and emotions…and to other people’s children, for that matter.   2,581 more words


Dr Laura Markham - Getting your 3 year old Up for Bath

Transitions. Aren’t they just the darndest things? Pulling a toddler away from his toys and getting him up for bath is something akin to climbing everest. 52 more words

Peaceful Parenting

Peaceful Parents Ask These 3 Questions

Whenever I talk to friends about parenting – one question I get asked is “What is peaceful, respectful, mindful parenting?”

So here’s the breakdown: Firstly, what peaceful parenting is not. 729 more words

Peaceful Parenting

Terrific Toilet-ing

As I have perhaps mentioned, my parenting resource kit features Magda Gerber’s philosophy quite strongly. (Check out janetlansbury.com for lots of great ideas.) Her website discusses everything from motor development to toddlers sharing, from dealing with new siblings to letting little people play without interruption. 771 more words

Baby Development

Learning Conflict Resolution

We want our children to be well mannered, helpful, thoughtful and empathetic.

Before having children I felt a little nervous about the physical nurturing (nappy changing, feeding, sleeping etc), and a whole lot of big nervous about how to encourage them to be wonderful adults and contribute positively to society. 415 more words

Baby Led Weaning

The Importance of Connecting before Correcting

We’ve all been there. We walk in on our child doing something they shouldn’t be doing, and our mood is suddenly thrown into a negative whirlwind. 506 more words

Attachment Parenting

Gender Generalizations in Parenting

Managers quickly discover there are many differences in the way that the different genders handle problems, challenges and disappointments in the workplace.

Past common wisdom attributed those differences mostly to hormones…or corporate culture…or just plain bias against one sex or another, depending on the organization you worked for. 899 more words

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