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What we're reading, November

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Happy early Thanksgiving (to my American readers)!

The crisp, cool weather is finally upon us and with the shorter days, I have found we’re spending lots of our indoor time reading. 1,266 more words


2016 Election - What Do I Tell the Kids?

Many people will be blogging about this, and they will come from many different perspectives. Everything from bullying, to racism, to sexism will be pulled out, examined ad infinitum, and tossed back into the whirling chum that is our media coverage. 385 more words

Parenting And Management

It all begins and ends with me: the heart of parenting

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Last Thursday I had to excuse myself from E.’s bedroom. “Necesito un descanso,” I told her. I need a break. 1,246 more words


Community and support: Online parenting forums

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Two facts I know to be true about parenting:

It’s hard.

It’s not meant to be done alone. 1,007 more words


From day one: bodily autonomy and consent

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¡Feliz viernes, amig@s!

You’re probably no stranger to the recent news surrounding the US presidential elections, and specifically the track record of candidate Donald Trump… 1,487 more words


Introducing the Solo Nap

Up until last week my son has always taken his naps in my arms. I would nurse him until he was full and drowsy, hold him upright against my shoulder, then rock and sing him to sleep. 616 more words


Please, thank you, & I'm sorry: teaching morals to young children

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Recently a friend of mine posted a faith-based article entitled “Should I make my child apologize” on social media, and I had the privilege to respectfully and honestly dialogue with her on-line. 1,242 more words