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Why Choose Respectful Parenting?

I almost feel that this question could be answered so simply: Him.

Respectful (or gentle, or conscious) parenting feels like something we fell into. It was not baby steps, or gentle guidance, or peaking interest – but an immediate full immersion in this alternate land where children are equals and adults are held accountable. 536 more words

Conscious Parenting

night time fears

Limerick has been having significant difficulties falling asleep, at nap time and at bed time, even when he is obviously exhausted (bags under his eyes, defiant and emotionally-driven behavior, constant yawns, lack of appetite and a desire for milk, etc.). 438 more words

Family Life

15 SURVIVAL STRATEGIES for Struggling Gentle Parents | FREE Printable

If I claim to be a Gentle Parent, how come I need survival strategies?

If I’m so convinced that Positive Parenting makes sense, why is it that I struggle? 2,542 more words


Birthday reflections

It has been a really big week of reflection here. It was our eldest child’s birthday. He had a party with lots of his unschool friends, and spent most of the week gaming. 426 more words


Just because you're trying to teach a child, does that mean you can say whatever you want?


A good way to gauge the effects of what you say to your child or a child under your care, is, ask yourself:  would I speak this way to my boss, your employer, a potential client- someone whom you want something from or has power over you. 495 more words

Being Distracted

How to Cope with Powerful Emotions: The 90 Second Rule

I’ve always been a woman of powerful emotions. It’s what makes me me. It’s what my husband first loved about me – my ability to feel so deeply. 1,161 more words

Positive Parenting

Screen time, social media and neurodivergence.

I’ve been experiencing some discomfort lately as I unpack and try to put back together my thoughts and feelings about screen time and social media. I have always been extremely supportive of neurodivergent people’s needs and rights to access tech for communication, friendships, and fun. 706 more words