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update re (kiddie) porn bastards

While I’m slightly disturbed some cunt has pinched my shit and posted it on some dodgy porn site …

The contents of that site disturbed me more. 39 more words


googling ones blog ...

thou shalt not google ones blog if thoust is hoping for some kind of affirmation:

I found one of my photos on a dodgy porn site!! 50 more words


me and my dreams ...

I briefly mentioned yesterday, in my ‘mauri’ post, that the nightmares slash flashbacks are resurfacing with vengeance at the moment … this has been happening for a few months I guess. 323 more words



start at the beginning,

with an issue.

a point.

for discussion of course.

with the intent on

‘sharing all sides of the conversation’.

to fuck this shit up, 45 more words


Im pretty pissed actually ...

I’ve had my tears …

done my

semi tribute …

avoided my blog

perused everyone elses …

and in true

Me form …

I’ve done abit of… 193 more words


speaking ...



seek clarification

you know,


more said in whats not said.


money money fucking money

I wrote a post awhile ago re: my sister and her insurance … and the greedy bastards that are trying to take it for themselves instead of letting her children have it … 400 more words