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People love to talk. Even though I’m an introvert, I myself love to talk too. I want someone to listen, to understand, to care. Sometimes misery really does love company. 702 more words

Weekly Thoughts

Reflections on Miguel Sicart's The Ethics of Computer Games - 01

So, I’m reading Miguel Sicart’s The Ethics of Computer Games and loving every bit of it. Well, almost every bit of it. Most of the bits. 373 more words


Failure - Etc.

I hate making mistakes. I have a boundless fear of failure. It’s like the end of the world when I do something wrong, and it scares the hell out of me. 280 more words


Responding to You

That woman I see is not you but I see you. That smell is not yours but I smell you. That touch was not made by your hand but I felt you. 28 more words

Exposed Loving

SOCIAL MEDIA SAVVY – #RRBC STYLE! “Responding To Comments On Your Blog Posts” A Blog Lesson

We’ve been talking a lot lately about “engaging” when you visit blog sites and how important it is to leave comments.  But, today we’re going to dibble just a bit on host responses to comments left on blog posts, or the lack thereof. 623 more words

To do makes to know

One comes in truth to God in true understanding, for God is in truth true understanding. One in truth comes to true understanding with knowledge, for in truth understanding is in truth true knowledge. 58 more words


On the Soap Box: Responding to Reviews

Should I respond to bad reviews?

I’m going to keep this short and sweet.

*Steps on Soap Box*

No.  NO.  Just no.

There have been countless instances of authors calling out readers when they give what the author deems to be a “bad review.” For one person, that could mean a scathing, uncalled for run through the ringer.   422 more words