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Responding to the LGBT community: When we are neither good nor kind

“Well, I’d rather be good than kind.”

Add a couple exclamation points and a well-meaning cartoon of a cross with a dove flying overhead and you’ve got yourself a fairly standard Christian post on Facebook. 692 more words

Caitlyn Jenner

Don't React, Respond

The heat of the moment causes problems. That heat can burn, and the damage it leaves often takes more than running it under a cold tap. 244 more words


Are you choosing to be the victim?

The mind has more power than you realise! Consider that your own thoughts are the result of how you feel right now.  How you feel right now is not due to that external event/happening, it is due to your thoughts about that external event/happening. 427 more words


Valued Volunteers Help Us Fulfill Our Lifesaving Mission - Join The Team!

When people see the Red Cross responding to emergencies, they often want to help but don’t know how. We want to help you get involved now, before a major disaster strikes. 438 more words

What made our thinking and communication more effective

In office, we work on new and innovative stuff daily. This involves frequent thinking, communicating and responding. All of these are iterative in nature and must go on until the desired result is achieved. 890 more words


A glance at the ocean -- and at my life

Good Morning, God!

This photo was taken from Buzz’s restaurant in Kailua. A dear friend and I had a lovely lunch after getting haircuts. Before we left, I stopped to admire the ocean at Kailua Beach. 275 more words



I turned 30 this year and promised myself that this will be the year for THRIVING.. So whilst doing past life regression meditations recently I had these profound memories of whom I was during my 20’s.  767 more words

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I'm not twenty or thirty, yet I think anyone can take something from this post. Life is about evolving and living to learn! Change happens, and death happens, but for those things to occur there is one other thing that is available to us; LIFE. We are living, breathing bodies with souls, with purposes and dreams. Change is hard for people but I agree that we should embrace it and learn from it!  Let go and let God has been a mantra in the back of my mind for a few years. It's a great statement that makes dependability available to us, yet gives us the option to be free. God is with us, he is always there, and because of that we have freedom to be ourselves. We should accept ourselves because we are accepted by God. Through his love we gain the love of ourselves and because of that we are open to the love of others!  Another thing I think we can take away from this blog post is that money isn't everything! I really needed that reminder! I made a list 2 days ago actually of every day I get paid this summer and what I will need to buy in between those dates plus what amount I wanted to stay above. Saving is difficult y'all! However, I realize that we can't plan every little detail of our lives! I might get a parking ticket, or have to buy my brother food, but the fact that I would be considered "poor" in most people's view should not matter! I may be poor based on money, but I am not poor in experiences or resources or love from family and friends, I'm not poor in spirit or health and I will not be poor in my strength against the power that money holds over me. And niether should you.  Embrace your life, your soul, the changes around you and your dreams!  Live to learn!