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Processing: Protests

There’s something so poetically beautiful about standing up for what you believe in. In a world where there are innumerable forces trying to pull us apart, turn us against each other and bruise our humanity, people fighting those forces — working together — to affect change in pursuit of a better world is more beautiful and deeply moving than any other piece of art. 1,244 more words


a woman responding

They’ve discussed and dissected the whys and the hows and should haves … at the end of the day though .. this is gangster, because it is responding as this woman wants and sees fit! 15 more words


DTPHX Living

As soon as my lease was up, on June 29, 2016, I moved into my new apartment in Downtown Phoenix (DTPHX).

Since I have moved into my new home, I can feel myself generating. 450 more words

Manifesting Generator

The Importance of Being Important

To Whom It May Concern;

I’m guessing the details of our brief encounter are insignificant to someone like you, so allow me to refresh your memory. 492 more words

Midlife Crisis

How Do You Communicate?

I read a great article today that really made me think about the way I communicate. The greatest, most precious gift you can give someone is your time and attention and I know with all the distractions and incessant thinking I do, I may be looking at the person talking to me but my attention is undoubtedly somewhere else. 124 more words


Trials: What to Do? 

What do you do when life throws you under the bus? Do you get angry and get even? Do you run away? Do you lose your control of your emotions? 660 more words

The Power of Responding, instead of..

… Reacting.

“Responding” vs. “Reacting”. I want to differentiate between the two. What triggered this post was an article I read on NPR titled “ 384 more words

Daily Habits