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Responding Versus Reacting

Within the realm of interpersonal communication and psychology an important distinction is often made between reacting and responding. Being in reaction allows only the most primitive part of our brains to be activated and therefore when we react, we are driven purely by emotion. 614 more words

Responding: John Oliver on Journalism

Earlier this week on John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight, Oliver addressed the dying nature of journalism. Specifically, he addressed the need for the public to recognize and pay for the hard work journalists are doing to preserve our nation’s integrity. 1,367 more words

Broadcast Journalism

What Are We Doing? Reacting/Responding

I want to help the industry I am part of with several items I see a lot of in the IT industry. This series is entitled: 450 more words

Bob Brumm

Beyond Socratic Seminars and Essential Questions: The Importance of Student Generated Questions – NVWP Summer ISI – Day 14

Welcome to the Northern Virginia Writing Project’s 2016 Invitational Summer Institute! I’ll be blogging the demonstration lessons and the various activities occurring during our four-week duration. 701 more words


Responding to As-salamu 'Alaykum

It’s Sunnah to start with the Salaam even in text messages. Using shorthand is fine as mentioned by some scholars. However, it’s obligatory to respond whether face to face, shorthand and so on. 14 more words


Saturday Thoughts

So this morning, my mother is still withholding, refusing to speak to me. That’s as may be. I know I’m not blameless in this. My patience grows thin with her thoughtless questions. 331 more words

Life As It Stands

Sing your songs

It is summer and I can hear you from my garden in the city.

I can hear you owl, your eerie call high in tulip poplars, 234 more words