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Reading to Write

I had a lovely person comment over the weekend and remind me of something fairly important to the writing process: reading. It’s one of those things that everyone “knows”, but then it’s so easy to get caught up in other parts of writing and platform and whatever else that the first love of reading gets sidelined. 233 more words


Response to Property Management Services in NZ

As we have found out during our journey, there are no governing bodies which oversee a ‘Property Managements’ actions in this country. Which means there are no avenues to go down to lay an official complaint re rental properties. 1,600 more words


Always Ahead

Always ahead,
In the space,
Never reacting,
Here as one,
Always ahead,
Here as being,
As stillness in action

– M. L Adams


our local renting dilemma ... watching this space ;)

I posted this on our local Page the other day … and it was taken down pretty fast. While I had said ‘remove if not appropriate’, that was in reference to its length. 935 more words


Beholding God: The Foundation of Helpful Worship Music

In this article, I will argue that worshiping God is a response to beholding God. Therefore, helpful worship music aids the worshiper in beholding God – which means giving precedence to truth-filled lyrics. 2,819 more words


I'm here. I'm here.

Weblog universe… I return to you.  It has been quite some time since my last post.  Without having taken the time to glance at my previous post.. 1,178 more words

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Reading for Stance 

Pairs: Stephanie Jennis’s “Bridge Over a Pond of Commercialism” is a tricky and ambitious essay, since it deal with three different views of art—that of Claude Monet in his famous painting, “Bridge Over a Pond of Water Lillies”, Banksy in his repurposed version of that painting, “Show Me the Monet”, and Jenis herself. 263 more words