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The world where humans are "harvesting" wild animals

I recently have read a book that impressed me so much: The Earth has a Soul: C.G. Jung on nature, Technology & Modern Life- edited by Meredith Sabini.  322 more words


Baby Egg Project 

This project was for my Biomedical Health Class. It was a really testing project that either proves if you really understand the responsibility of being a parent at a very young age. 184 more words

Biomedical Health

Being a Decent Person While Using Social Media

This is more of a soapbox post than anything, but I think it is relevant in terms of teaching our students to not be a$%&hats when using social media. 252 more words


It's My fault and I'm Not Sorry

I take full responsibility.

Given the hand I was dealt, I take full responsibility for what I did with that hand, but I’m not sorry. No, I’m not sorry because I’m grateful; grateful to have had the opportunity, and more grateful to have  218 more words