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Rich's Rules for Achievement # 3 - Think 80/20

For Return on Investment – Think 80/20

If more people and organizations would think 80/20 more regularly, they would achieve more focus, productivity and – most likely – profitability, success and happiness.   129 more words


8 Tips for Unleashing Teens to Teach

Here’s another great article pertaining to youth ministry.  If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m a firm believer in youth taking ownership of their faith and in their youth group.   491 more words


Words Affecting

Do we with
know what we’re doing?
Do we try to provoke
only thinking it
a joke
do we rave with a chip
high on our shoulder… 159 more words


Prison - The New Mental Institution??

I was thinking the other day about a woman who burned me pretty badly this year.  She conned people out of thousands of dollars and countless resources – one of those people being myself.  466 more words


Asleep at the Wheel - Not! Rich's Rule # 5

Staying relevant involves:

  • Being aware of changes in one’s environment, industry or situation.
  • Being alert to resulting threats or opportunities.
  • Being ready to take action to avoid loss or make gains.
  • 66 more words

Like Money in the Bank - Rich's Rule # 4

Credit and credibility come from the same root. When you have credibility with others you’ve most likely established credit you may need to use during challenging, chaotic or crisis driven times. 69 more words

Leadership Communication

You need someone to care?

Love and care are, or should be, reciprocal; it is with God, for sure. He gave us the command that we should love one another as we love our own self. 680 more words