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Should I Respond to Your Blog Post?

I’m going to start doing something new on this blog. Not reblog. Those don’t get read very much. I’m going to respond to other people’s blog posts. 131 more words


watering a plant

There is coldness in his bones that could freeze an entire ocean.

This sadness, this hope: it grows like trees. It glistens in the night.


Flattery and strangeness...

Is it flattering to be told, at the age of fifty-eight, that I am beautiful?

Yes, of course it is. I have a whole life-time of self-doubt about my looks stretching behind me – and am, therefore, probably more vulnerable to being told such things than most ‘normal’ women of my age. 392 more words


Accidents on a Flooded Lower Mississippi River Keep NOAA Busy with a Rash of Spills

This is a post by the Office of Response and Restoration’s Donna Roberts.

Did you know that oil spills occur every day in U.S. waters? Rivers bustling with ship traffic, such as the Mississippi, are no exception to this rule. 1,032 more words


Naked with Black Socks - Daily Promp Response

Naked with Black Socks

Speaking in front of use audience will always be nerve-racking. No matter how many times you’ve done it, there will always be a certain thrill that goes with it. 121 more words


Bringing the Desert Home

I’m going to do more reading- after I’ve blogged the whole formations manual- on the desert Mothers and Fathers, because if everything I’ve learned so far is any indication, they have the best fables. 1,406 more words

Apply Now for NOAA’s First Class Examining the Science of Chemical Spills

For years, NOAA’s Office of Response and Restoration has been offering our popular Science of Oil Spills classes to oil spill responders and planners. But oil isn’t the only hazardous material for which we have expertise. 327 more words