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For probably a good reason, I can’t post new comments to YT, but can reply. This dear diary response comment is to a video “Stop LYING to your CHILDREN!” by Topless Cat Lady on YT. 851 more words


Response: Redefining Divorce

In going through my morning blog rotation, I came across this article by Michael Howard about a married couple, the husband being a renown figure at Google and the wife being a prominent researcher, who attempted to study the effects (i.e. 540 more words

Astro Teller

The lines of communication

We are imperfect beings. We know how to listen, how to talk, how to communicate.

But we fail in those basic tasks all the time. It’s a wonder we haven’t gone extinct. 300 more words


Dave Grohl Responds to the 1000 Foo Fighters Fans: 'We'll See You Soon'

One of the coolest viral videos that we’ve seen lately was by the Rockin’ 1000, a project spearheaded by a Foo Fighters fan named Fabio Saffagnini,  169 more words


Welcome to the Response Investor blog!

Over the last several years I’ve explored various ideas on how to integrate my knowledge and passions for epidemiology (translation: disease science), and investing and business opportunities. 427 more words


Insights: How Personality, Quirks, Foibles, and Flaws Factor Into Dementias and Alzheimer's Disease

This is the second post of a series that provides insights into the behaviors we often see in our loved ones as they – and we as caregivers along side them – walk through… 1,629 more words


"Cash is oxygen" Gary Vee. Keep your boss and you happy

When ever I have worked for a company or at even at home I have always been careful with my cash. Listening to Gary Vee and his… 920 more words