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Richard Cory - Edwin Arlington Robinson

You can never really know what turmoil takes place in someone’s heart, in someone’s mind. You can never really know the suffering that goes on behind closed doors when all you ever see is the mask of a smile, of warmth. 329 more words


A lot of this article explains how who is trying to sway public opinion matters, but I don’t really agree. I think anyone can. I’ve seen it happen on Tumblr a lot; someone post some uninformed comment on a post involving gender inequality, or politics of some sort, or even a blue watermelon I think it was, and a lot of people agree with them because, … 366 more words


I'll Answer Your Questions (A response to CARM)

A group called Christian Apologetics and Research Ministries decided to put out a list of questions to atheists.  I guess the idea is to stump us and make us come to God.  2,378 more words


Mirror - Sylvia Plath

Mirrors cannot distort the truth and represent only what it sees – unlike human eyes which see what they like to see. Sylvia Plath’s “Mirror” really hurt me. 364 more words


Haters can be so dumb.
I wonder if the guy who made the sign was in a hurry, careless, or just genuinely ignorant of the mistake he made. 115 more words





white noise

from which to hang the silences.

a tress of numbness and

our uncommon humanity:

collateral damages—

—and the blood runes

scrawled illegibly across… 57 more words


Explore Oil Spill Data for Gulf of Mexico Marine Life With NOAA GIS Tools

A Kemp’s Ridley turtle, now cleaned and recuperating, that was oiled during the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. NOAA has a number of tools to help you access the huge amount of data about sea turtles and other marine life gathered during the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. 1,331 more words