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Respond To God's Love

My Friend,

Each time I remember that God loves the hundreds of people who die tragically daily, all over the world, and end up in Hell as much as He loves you and me, it sends a reverential vibe down my spine. 114 more words


A Call For Peace, Among Liberals

More and more, I am seeing a party that I have been a part of for my entire adult life deciding that we shouldn’t be fighting against the insanity of the right that is forcing our politicians to be right or center-right.  1,266 more words


Gentle Nudging's

Have you ever had one of those nights where you wake out of a dead sleep and someone is on your mind but you aren’t sure why? 557 more words

Happy National Cleavage Day!

In another upset of common decency by Puritan Feminists, Lionhead Studios has decided to pull a Tweet with a  marketing poster for their new game.  What poster, you ask?  484 more words


Communicative Photographic Objects and the Archive of the Self

Martin Lister’s fascinating article, “Overlooking, Rarely Looking, and Not Looking” problematizes the sheer mass of digital photography stored online and on hard drives of cell phones, cameras, and computers. 474 more words


What is constellated in our minds

“Essentially, every image is nothing but a dab of colour, a hunk of stone, a trick of light on the retina that triggers the illusion of discovery or recollection, just as we are nothing more than a multiplicity of infinitesimal spirals in whose molecules, we are told, every one of our traits and tremors are contained. 93 more words


Hard Though It May Be

When confronted by

harsh and bitter, unpleasant

truth, what is the best response?


Because the truth can

set us free, we must embrace

unpleasant liberators.