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Your Propaganda is Offensive! (A response to "My Family Raped Me")

If there’s one thing that modern feminism does that pisses me off the most, it’s how they have trivialized the concept of rape.  They really have.  1,099 more words


What Have We Learned About Using Dispersants During the Next Big Oil Spill?

The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill: Five Years Later

This is the eighth in a series of stories over the coming weeks looking at various topics related to the response, the Natural Resource Damage Assessment science, restoration efforts, and the future of the Gulf of Mexico. 1,647 more words

Oil Spills

Is There Anymore of Wu's Cock You Could Suck?! (A response to David Whitford)

I am currently working on a longer post about the state of journalism in this country right now.  It’s abysmal.  Not only do companies have ZERO standards, but you have so much collusion and ass-kissing.  1,942 more words


Bad PR 102 (A response to Calgary Expo)

There’s an old rule that I think is important, for anyone who wants to do work in public relations.  It’s simple – when you have a problem, deal with it and let it be done.  986 more words


Q is for Quebec


Quebec is a large state Canadian
That is far more supernal than Hadean.
For most of the year
It’s pretty, I hear,
But in autumn, it’s truly Arcadian. 33 more words


RESPONSE: Two Friends

So this is my first attempt at blank verse. Any poets out there can weigh in on whether I even got there. Pro (er, amateur) tip: Writing in Excel spreadsheets is really useful when you need to count syllables. 393 more words


Why Do They Have to Misrepresent Us? A Response to Valerie Turico's "9 Sinister Things the Christian Right Does..."

It seems that all that really appeals to me at the moment is to make responses to articles or websites, such as the lengthy response I made to the website “ 897 more words