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Two Heads are Dumber Than One (A response to Jessica Valenti and Anita Sarkeesian)

Never thought that I would be seeing this.  A grand moment when two hucksters would come together to try and make some kind of grand point that everyone can latch onto.  2,506 more words


Stories Jesus Told (2): A Banquet RSVP

We’re on to the second of our series on stories that Jesus told which give us a hint as to how God sees and values our lives here on earth, right now. 99 more words


Black Head...

What was my goal for sewing this weekend again? I know it was get the torso to some point…which I did. I feel like I didn’t get as far as I wanted though…the head wanted to be black… 638 more words


Faith: Experiential or Conceptual?

I was asked recently, ‘Do you think faith is experiential or conceptual?’

This was an interesting question, is faith – more particularly, faith in God as made known in Jesus Christ – something that we experience, or is it rather an idea or a set of ideas to which we mentally assent to by saying, ‘I believe xyz’? 527 more words


Response Result of Survey (245 Users)

Thank you for the overwhelming response. Your answers will make a change.Thank you for your Patience. This is what delhi users have to say about Metro :-

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Urban Space

adidas Performance Mens Response Trend Tee Options

?? /???? /???? ? ?? ???????????????? ???? ?????? ????????? 10, ???????? 40 ?? e lead to member 3 years ,louis vuitton outlet honor’s environmental success stories recruitment center store video image of the wholesale product … 254 more words

What If Other People Made You Use Your Teeth Only For Smiling?

Many people still fail to understand breastfeeding. They are not all grandiose males like Donald Trump, who “lost it” at an attorney who wanted to take a pre-scheduled and agreed-upon lunch break to pump her baby’s food in a private office, unwatched by anyone. 617 more words