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Tim Baker - Guest Speaker

It was really cool to hear what Tim’s doing now, after not seeing or hearing of him for so long. His mention of working with friends on startups is something I’ve heard before- it’s especially hard when you have to fire your friends. 89 more words


Kill That Noise - Leave YA Alone 

Hey nerds, today I’m going to lay some shit down because I’ve had it up to my eyeballs with a certain something: posts disparaging young adult fiction. 817 more words

YA Fantasy

Lucien's Unpopular Opinion: Virtual Assault is NOT the Same as Sexual Assault

When people like me say that the social justice crowd has taken all meaning from the term rape, what we’re talking about are things like “stare rape” or even stupider still, “birth rape.”  Go to Google, both of those are real things.  1,138 more words


365 reasons to smile ~ 297.

297. *head nod* … not a smile … but thats about all i can muster for today. Peace.


Max is a Punk

Max is a punk.

This last time I moved, I looked specifically for a house with a backyard that Max could enjoy. I was excited for Max to have a backyard for many reasons – he could spend more time outside, he could run around more, I could leave him alone longer when the weather’s nice. 690 more words


That is what humanity has been so obsessed with for all of time. Whether it was oral tradition passed down generation to generation or some of the first ones written down like Gilgamesh, humanity has been so fascinated by stories. 302 more words