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(Originally posted on FetLife 4/2015)

By the time my step-daughter wanted to read the Twilight series when she was in her early teens, I’d already read them. 740 more words


4 Alarm Words for Leaders

There are words that grab my attention. Some are opportunity words like success, excitement, future. Others are inspirational words like honor, loyalty, integrity. Still others are warnings. 802 more words


Jury Duty in the Morning (Should Be Fun?)s

I received a jury duty notice in the mail 2 months ago and the court wants you to check to see if you have to do it the evening before and my group number has to show up in the morning.  120 more words


Circle of life

I’ve reached a very strange point my life where every once in a while I am very aware that I’m an adult. I’m sitting around talking to adults about adult things. 54 more words

Rule #254: Teen pregnancy

Teenage pregnancy is pregnancy in a female under the age of 20 when the pregnancy ends.

Hmmmm….. what can I say about this? Not much I guess, except…Oh yeah, just that I have a… 164 more words


I Have a Nightmare

I am so tired of the Media, Quanell X, Jesse Jackson and the ignorant people who listen to them.  They allow those wretched instigators of treachery to raise frustrations and aggravate situations into violent riots that tear up cities and destroy businesses and law enforcement relationships.  440 more words

Random Thoughts

Baltimore - Recognizing "Shut it down!" And Shutting It Off

When the Ferguson riots broke August 9, 2014, the New Old Now Old Far Out and Lost Left got busy churning out “false flag” accusations involving New Establishment elements for incitement.   536 more words

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