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A Working Class Mentality Defined


There’s a certain individual here in the UK, who believes in the rights of the working classes; his name is Jeremy Corbyn; he’s the leader of the political party called labour. 908 more words


What is Education?

The Super Computer worked out that the answer to Life, The Universe and Everything was 42, but along the way it seems to have forgotten the question. 507 more words


Demon Lover

You were my demon
always controlling
demanding your opinions
become mine

Rewrite my script
no longer my Mother’s
dictates, my Father
following meekly behind
making her choose, 89 more words

Home Page


It’s been so long that one could rightly think it is all over.

Months have passed in silence and in stillness, much like an animal detecting unwelcome noises in the forest or a person wishing to be outside the frame while a picture is taken. 370 more words


On being treated as an adult

From my journal, dates August 6th, 2013

The trip’s going well and we’re on our way back. The Rockies were spectacular. But right now, I’m gonna write about something else: about being a full-fledged adult. 180 more words

Confessions of a Reluctant Traveller

To be perfectly honest, I didn’t set out to be a world traveller at the start. In fact, I kind of balked at the idea as I saw it being nonessential expenditure and part of an extravagant lifestyle that I wasn’t particularly interested in indulging in. 1,068 more words


The Quarter-Life Crisis of Change: Part II

Sometimes I regret the things that I write.

But only because when I do, it feels damning.

Three weeks ago I wrote something that I penned “The most important blog post I’ve ever written.” … 1,295 more words