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it’s come to my attention that i suffer from quite a significant fear of responsibility.  i once thought that it was my underlying fear of commitment or permanence…but my ability to actually dedicate myself to other important things (i.e.

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Just A Thought

How a Black Neighborhood Keeps Killers on the Steert

It’s stop snitchin’ bullshit. Of course it’s everyone but their’s fault and the solution is more gibs-me-dat. “We need more money for education” “we need more money for a library I will never visit”


I don't care anymore. I need to vent.

Lately I feel like my mind (usually a brilliant one) isn’t working well at all due to depression. My brain is constipated and my thoughts right now are like hard little turds that hurt to pass. 1,153 more words

Borderline Personality Disorder

People and Guns

Prior to this post, I had discussed my Thoughts on the 2nd Amendment. But today, my focus is on an interchange I had on Friday, 2 October 2015 and how every time there is a “shooting” somewhere in the United States, we are subjected to the remonstrations of the Left about the need to “control guns.” 2,760 more words


The Apprentice Rule

I was reminded about this recently from a number of different sources ~ who is my apprentice? Who am I investing my life in to, pouring my life in, spending time with so that they can learn from me. 203 more words



I don’t want to be listened to,
I don’t want to be followed or made responsible,
I don’t want to be observed or made an example, 717 more words


Stop Doing Sh*t You Hate

Hey, hey, hey!  Happy Friday! Here’s hoping you have a great weekend and all the goodness the world has to offer to you! I’ve been riding a creative high this week and I’m feeling really good.   126 more words