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A Writer? Who, Me?

7 Steps I Took Through the Mine Fields Above my Heart Chakrah Before I Decided to could call Myself an Author! Mary Ellen Latela

Seven Steps on the Writing Ladder… 1,259 more words


Corporate Responsibility and Rebuke

This devotional is a little different. I write it full of humility, knowing there is nuance to each situation that I cannot cover in this piece. 844 more words


The Morality Police are out again #Thursdaythoughts

It’s prom season. Again. And every year there are the national articles about the high schools that managed to shame their young women enough to make national news. 2,201 more words


What are the limits of my responsibility for others?

Recently, I was engaged in a fascinating discussion about the limits of my responsibility for others. We used a medical research example from a participant to frame the discussion and answer the question from a single point of view. 452 more words


Practice as though you had never won. Perform as though you had never lost

– Anon


Chasing the Light...

Rainbows, and fairy tales, bright sunlight on water, we humans are drawn to the light.  Where thoughts are clear and edges (read limits) are clearly defined.   544 more words



I don’t know what it feels like to have an older sister.

The sisters I’ve seen make it look like older sisters are cool, they take good care of their younger ones, give you their clothes, bla-bla but I don’t know what it feels like, and mama is not doing a good job of being a sister. 109 more words