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Luxury fashion - An elevating cultural force, or something else?

Art is the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power – Oxford Dictionary…

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Emerging Designer

Earth Day

“It’s our turn to lead” – the theme for this year’s Earth Day calls on all citizens around the globe to unite and show support for the protection of our beautiful and green environment. 237 more words

Cape Peninsula.

A Fond Adieu

I love fondue. I have always been a fan of word play. That is why the title of this post is such. Well, that and I am a bit, how would you say? 147 more words


Yummy Winter Food

There are days at the Co-op deli where things are magical. Today was one of those days. Why? Because of Porchetta of course! Delicious, heavenly, wonderful Porchetta, made for the Co-op by Kurt Stauber, Cordata deli chef. 52 more words

Responsible Consumerism

Turkey and Cheeseballs and Truffles.....oh, my.

There is a feeling I get when the holidays are fast approaching. It is a blend of excitement, jubilation, anticipation, and yes, a bit of dread. 255 more words


Yeah, it's the Holiday Season. So What?

I am not a fan of holidays, generally speaking. I might have gone over this before, but I am not someone who waits for permission or reason to celebrate. 257 more words


Make Your Own Bit of Heaven

I won’t talk about cake today, I promise. Well, maybe not until the end of the post. Sauces, dips, and spreads are on my mind today, and I want to tell you, if you haven’t taken a peak at the new stuff in the grab n go cases at the Cordata and Downtown co-ops, you are missing out. 313 more words