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Brokers Posing as Rescues

The following article is all about the warm and fuzzy feelings of folks doing good rescuing dogs from certain death.  Everyone loves a feel good story but there are always consequences that are “unforeseen”.  522 more words

Justice or a Quick "Fix"?

Breed Specific Legislation is still an ongoing fight.  Many (mostly non-dog folk) believe that it is an effective method of protecting the general public from so-called dangerous dogs. 975 more words

What is Wrong with Some People?

Taco & Rico. 2 alpacas who got handed the short end of the stick in the caretaker department. I first heard about them when the abattoir was called to come and shoot them because the current owner no longer wanted them. 888 more words

Extreme Sports

Many of you probably saw that the Westminster Dog Show recently crowned its top pooch but how boring is that? They walk around in circles, they have their teeth checked, they try desperately not to pee on the Astroturf lest they lose the title they don’t even understand. 375 more words

Everyday Musings

Be responsible!

I don’t normally post gorey stuff or like to blog about things that will upset people, but feel that this has to be highlighted.  My friend left her house the other night to walk one of her dogs (on lead) and encountered a lady who had her two dogs off lead (and I might add no leads with her).  432 more words

Refreshed. Refocused. Ambassador Pit Bull Alliance.

We believe that the greatest change happens when we work together. October is Pit Bull Awareness Month and also marks our three year anniversary, making this the perfect time to share some big news. 50 more words

Community Support

Letter to President Faust from Department of San Miguel

Corrientes Capital, December 5, 2013

Dear Harvard University President Drew Faust:

We write to you on behalf of the communities affected by your plantations in the Department of San Miguel. 372 more words