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Gunung Angsi via Bukit Putus - "825 meter of Giant Treadmil"

I get it now why they dub Gunung Angsi as “the beginner’s training ground”. It is doable for anyone who has just started hiking.

For me, with my slow pace and a can of 100Plus in hand, it took me 2 hours 5 min up and 1 hour 30 min down. 348 more words


Is Airbnb Unethical And Irresponsible?

Airbnb is now a staple fixture in any travellers accommodation choices, but is the company really as ethical or responsible as it says it is? Are travellers unwittingly contributing to unsustainable tourism practices by using Airbnb and helping to destroy the places they are visiting? 2,006 more words

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Raipur, Chhattisgarh: Land Of Gonds, Bhils And Surprises

As a development professional, I often get to visit places that an urban traveller wouldn’t generally consider for a holiday. One such instance was when I was required to visit the capital city of Chhattisgarh (a young state situated in the centre-east of India), Raipur, for some last-minute meetings at the Ministry. 1,019 more words

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5 Types of Traveller you Don't Want To Be

I’ve travelled all over the world, and travelled with all different types of people. Unfortunately as in other aspects of life, not all the people you meet will be great… This post is inspired by a grouchy, possibly prematurely old before his time, me. 1,666 more words


[MUNI Travels : March 2-7, 2018] Our Idea of Meaningful, Responsible Travel

A large part of living a more mindful, sustainable life is choosing to spend on enriching experiences vs. stuff.

Undoubtedly, travel is a large part of that, especially for our generation where seat sale alerts and travel deals abound, where we have all these guide books or online resources, checklists of sights for Instagram-worthy stories, posts and selfies to show our friends how well-traveled we are and how enviable our lives can be. 1,078 more words

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Hiking and Modesty: A Primer (Part 1)

Ok the title is so misleading. It is not absolutely true that a girl without a hijab is not modest, and well, I have seen in some instances that a hijabi doing something… let’s say repulsive. 771 more words


People First Tourism: Prioritizing Local People Creates Responsible, Authentic Travel Experiences

Nightborn Travel has provided information about ecotourism in the past, but today we have an exciting announcement! We are launching our new partnership with People-First Tourism… 472 more words

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