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How to Buenos Aires

While Buenos Aires — the Paris of South America — is very similar to Europe in many ways, there are some unexpected differences.

You know you’ll need to speak Spanish there, but did you know that you… 162 more words


Sustainable Travel

The last post was written from the perspective of the marine organisms that require calcium carbonate to form their shells and skeletons, and the potential consequences of ocean acidification on their ability to survive the effects of climate change. 1,869 more words


Dear travellers to Cambodia: Please don't come until you've understood these 10 things

Cambodia is one of my favourite places in Southeast Asia, and everyone who travels here is affected by the country’s ancient and more recent past, and by the kindness and generosity of its people. 272 more words


Earth Day 2016: Another Year, Another Chance to Make a Difference

Happy Earth Day 2016! A day when up to 1 billion people from across the globe come together to inspire, motivate, raise awareness, and tackle the many environmental issues that our planet is facing, Earth Day has just one mission, and that is to create the world’s largest environmental movement, and if you are worried about the effects of global warming, today is the day when you really should be doing something about it! 286 more words


Hotel for bees?! Sustainable tourism in Whistler (for Canadian World Traveller)

My favourite hotels are the ones that treat their guests, AND their employees, AND the local community, AND the environment all well.

A tall order? Perhaps, but many hotels, large and small, expensive and not, manage to pull it off. 123 more words


Ernte der Hoffnung

Vor einem Jahr verteilten wir am Central in Zürich für farmy.ch Flyer und frische Rüebli, um uns ein wenig zur Reise hinzuzuverdienen. Damals hätten wir nie gedacht heute ein ähnliches Projekt in Kapstadt zu besuchen.  431 more words

South Africa

Foodie hotel in Fez, Morocco

Looking for great food in Morocco?

Well, get yourself to Fez, and make sure you make a reservation in advance at Dar Roumana. (And if you stay at this five-room boutique hotel, you can be assured of having a table saved for you). 78 more words