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Medieval Knife Making in Siem Reap

When you are visiting Siem Reap set aside some time to see something other than the temples and pub street.  Of course you should allow plenty of time to see Angkor Wat but there is only so much temple you can do each day, and there are lots of unique experiences to have in Siem Reap to give you a greater insight into Cambodian daily life, culture or history. 1,292 more words


Voluntourism: How To Have an Impactful Volunteering Travel

It has been said that millennials are the generation of purpose. According Gallup 2016 study* most millennials seek purpose over paycheck and look for meaningful experience. 845 more words


Episode 81: Tented Camps in Asia with John Roberts and Marius Hermann

This Talk Travel Asia podcast features two experts on Tented Camps, a unique accommodation option for getting up close and personal with the great outdoors while traveling in Asia. 739 more words


The Social Media Dilemma

The advancement of internet has given everyone a chance to become a mini expert in their areas of interest. What was once a prerogative of certified writers/photographers/analysts/stylists/cooks from the published media world of newspapers and magazines, is now suddenly a newly found interest of the general public. 447 more words


Travel Responsibly: Ways to REDUCE your Carbon Footprint

TL;DR Reduce your carbon footprint by taking fewer flights, swapping to more carbon-friendly transport options, switching up your driving, choosing renewable energy, making your home warmer, changing your diet, plant trees and by responsible making reproduction choices. 1,421 more words

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How I Saved Money For Travel

Become Financially Responsible

If you want to save money for travel, now is a good time to revisit those basics, and maybe iron out a few of those bad financial habits we all acquire along the way.

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Sustainable tourism: Easy ways to be a responsible tourist

Curious about sustainable tourism? I’m thrilled that I got to write about it for USA Today: What is the meaning of sustainable tourism?

It’s not tough to be a responsible tourist, it just means being aware of how your actions affect the people who live in the place you’re visiting.  84 more words