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How to Save the World from Mass Tourism

It’s August and much of Europe has hit the pause button while everyone heads off on their holidays. August is normally a quiet ‘silly news’ month, but this year it seems to be tourism itself that’s in the headlines. 820 more words


Would You Join Hands To Save The Himalayas Through 5 Simple Steps?

— Text and photographs by Ishani Palandurkar

Being a traveller and trekker myself, I have become sensitive to the environment and surroundings. This sense of responsibility magnified when my feet touched the Himalayas. 703 more words

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How Travel Bloggers Can Make a Positive Impact

There has to be more to travel blogging than competing for the most drool-worthy Instragram shots in exotic destinations, am I right?

I’d like to think so. 2,335 more words

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Why Satpura National Park is the Most Unique in India.

The forest is so silent that I can only hear the rustle of the sal leaves under our feet. The white, barren ghost tree holds my gaze awhile. 1,429 more words


Episode 66: Animal Tourism in Asia

First off, this is not a podcast about attractions and activities your dog or cat could enjoy while he or she is on holiday in Asia. 2,070 more words


The Importance Of Trekking In Nepal.

Trekking in Nepal is vital to the regions recovering economy, and whilst tourism is improving it is vital that travellers choose the right company to guide them to ensure they have a positive impact on tourism in Nepal. 1,131 more words


Be Here & Now...a Responsible Tip for Responsible Travel

We want to encourage responsible travel. I think we have made that clear. (Wink. Wink.) Here at Pure Paradise, we see part of responsible travel as making a commitment to having a genuine experience of the area you are visiting. 805 more words