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Grammar Changes: The Singular They

Language changes with the times, even grammar.

I attended college during the second wave of feminism, when incorporating non-sexist terms into every day usage was an important demonstration of inclusiveness. 557 more words

Grammar-ease: When to Capitalize a Season

So, here in New Hampshire, we had one of the coldest winters (or is it Winters) on record, weeks of single-digit and below zero temps. 245 more words

Writer's Toolbox

Is Multitasking a Way to Be More Productive?

Multitasking – it’s a method of working that easily divides an audience: folks seem to embrace it or run from it.

Do you find multitasking productive? 305 more words


On Responsible Writing

I am completely against censorship in all its forms. I feel like I have to put that out there in the beginning of this post in order to have a conversation about responsible writing without being misunderstood. 278 more words


Tilting at Controversy

I was going to write a blog post on an entirely different topic, but then something very interesting is happening right now on Amazon and it deserves a few words. 731 more words

The Craft Of Writing

Twisting the Facts - What Happens When We Skim for the Juicy Parts

This evening the Twitter-verse – with tongue in cheek – passed along the results of the research that ProofPoint Nexgate had been doing using the posting to the Facebook pages of the twelve NFL playoff teams in the first three weeks of January.   816 more words

NFL Musings

Generalist or Specialist: Where Do You Fit?

What’s your opinion on being a specialist versus a generalist?

Do you think it’s best for a writer to focus in a single area or subject of interest and have a honed knowledge, or are there more opportunities for a writer who can write about anything and everything? 246 more words