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Are You Ready to Expand Your Freelance Business?

So you’re creating the life of a freelance writer. You’ve been paid for your writing, you’ve had a few clients. You love the feeling of creating content — and getting paid. 471 more words


Grammar-ease: Lying vs Laying (Lie vs Lay)

Using lay versus lie has come up quite a bit, so here’s a re-do of my 2013 post on these tricky words.

Lay is an  706 more words


Sourcing Free Images 2.0

I needed an image of a Renaissance self portrait for a recent post on my blog,  but having made an expensive mistake once, I’ve become hyper vigilant about… 472 more words


Grammar-ease: Toward vs Towards

In regard to whether to use “toward” or “towards” it boils down to personal preference as the words have the same definitions.

When I see… 177 more words

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Grammar-ease: "Should have" vs "Should of"

This is a quick grammar post.

It’s simple: “should have” and its contraction “should’ve” are correct.  As are “would have” (would’ve) and “could have” (could’ve). 146 more words

Lisa J. Jackson

Ponderings-Why do I write?

Recently, I was talking to a friend with whom I connected after a long gap of 28 years. It started with a little chit-chat that led on to some light-hearted banter which then led to some serious discussions on life and the purpose of our lives. 686 more words

Grammar-ease: Using 'Because' in Place of Wordy Phrases

It’s funny how editing commonalities come in spurts. In the past few weeks, I’ve noticed a lot of wordy phrases that can be shortened to “because.” 311 more words