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Grammar-ease: Using 'Because' in Place of Wordy Phrases

It’s funny how editing commonalities come in spurts. In the past few weeks, I’ve noticed a lot of wordy phrases that can be shortened to “because.” 311 more words


Grammar-ease: Using 'than' and 'then'

I’ve done quite a few double-takes in reading the past few months over two words that sound similar, look similar, yet have quite different meanings:  363 more words


Pay What It's Worth (PWIW) Pricing for Writing Resources

There are so many writing-related resources available through various avenues (websites, Amazon, brick & mortar stores, giveaways, and so on), and sometimes we can find “the perfect” book, audio, checklist, what-have-you, but realize it’s a bit out of our reach financially. 295 more words

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Grammar-ease: Using 'and' and 'to'

Here is a grammar refresher on using and and to.

I see it all the time, and although it’s more a choice between casual and formal use than right and wrong, I thought it was worth writing about. 248 more words

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Grammar-ease: When to write out numbers

Welcome to a new grammar post, lovely readers. This topic came from one of you, thank you!

When do you write out numbers?

Some consistent rules include: 417 more words

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Grammar Changes: The Singular They

Language changes with the times, even grammar.

I attended college during the second wave of feminism, when incorporating non-sexist terms into every day usage was an important demonstration of inclusiveness. 557 more words

Grammar-ease: When to Capitalize a Season

So, here in New Hampshire, we had one of the coldest winters (or is it Winters) on record, weeks of single-digit and below zero temps. 245 more words

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