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Try Something New and Take a New Step Forward

It still amazes me how often I hear people not only say they are afraid to try new things, but they actually avoid trying new things. 507 more words


Writing when it's hectic

I mentioned in my response to the Friday question that writing has helped me to keep my balance in 2016. It has helped me to handle the rocky ride that this year has been. 438 more words

The Craft Of Writing

Can We (as writers) Have Too Many Journals or Notepads?

I enjoyed all the responses to my post last week about personal libraries and how many books we have, don’t have, need to get rid of, and so on. 214 more words


Writer's Weekend Edition - On Finding My (Civic) Voice

When we writers talk about “voice,” we are usually thinking of our artistic voice. I have written a number of posts about literary voice including… 950 more words

Saturday Edition

Grammar-ease: Let's Talk about Lets

I’ve seen a lot of lets and let’s and different technical pieces I’ve edited in the past couple of weeks, so I thought it would make a good grammar post. 286 more words


Introduction to Style Guides

As a professional writer, style guides are part of the job.

Clients may have their own guides, or at least their own ideas for guides. Clients may be willing to defer to you and whatever your style is. 536 more words

Writer's Toolbox