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Being a Contest Judge Brings New Perspective to Submitting Work

On the flip side of being a contestant in a writing contest, I’ve also been a contest judge. I realized many of the challenges that those who run contests (and publishers) run into consistently. 443 more words


Grammar-ease: Proved vs Proven

Today is for those times when you’re not quite sure if you want to use ‘proved’ or ‘proven.’

Both prove and proveare formed from the verb  279 more words

The Craft Of Writing

"Fucking" is a Poor Intensifier

“Fucking” is a poor an intensifier in written non-fiction.

My objection is not one of prudishness but one of good usage. I don’t approve of using “very” as an intensifier, either (or… 388 more words


Grammar-ease: Showing Possession with Words Ending in 'S'

If a word already ends in an s, do you add another to make it possessive? Or can you simply add an apostrophe?

Let’s look into the case of plural possessives today. 313 more words


Teaching to Give Hope

Long ago I took to heart the adage “see one, do one, teach one” and I became a teacher of my children and a teacher of others. 1,084 more words


Grammar-ease: When to Use 'Nor' or 'Neither'

This post is inspired from a recent reader’s comment: when do you use ‘nor’ or ‘neither’ in a sentence?

In using neither/nor construction, it’s important to keep the sentence parallel. 403 more words


Grammar-ease: 'Used to' vs 'Use to'

Today’s topic is one that I found curious, and think you might, too.

When do you use used to and when is it use to… 265 more words