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Homework on responsive website

  • Skip design layout for your responsive website.
  • Create mobile layout in css with CSS3 Flexbox Responsive Horizontal Navigation Menu Bar – Flexbox Multilevel Nested Submenu…
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Responsive Design

After Brad Frost came to talk to our class about his career and book I decided to check out his work about responsive design. This then got me interested in furthering my knowledge of responsive design. 399 more words

Responsive Design

How is responsive design different from mobile site?

A responsive website and a mobile site differ in the way they provide users the reading experience. In a mobile site, the server optimizes the page to be given to the user while in a responsive style, the device by itself adjusts the site according to the device properties. Read on…

Responsive Course Design: the Challenges

Responsive course design is a new feature for Adobe Captivate 8 and 9 that promises courses that play beautifully on all devices of chosen sizes. This sounds a great idea and worlds ahead of the old Flash courses with fixed dimension. 521 more words

Adobe Captivate

Responsive images using HTML's "picture" and "source" with SharePoint Image Renditions


This blog briefly explains an approach to using images in responsive design whilst utilising SharePoint’s image renditions in conjunction with HTML’s “picture” and “source” attributes. 602 more words

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