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To Fix: Portfolio Page

My portfolio page at https://saifahn.github.io/ has a few errors I’ll be looking into next. When viewing on my Mac, the project squares together fill up the full width of the page as the scrollbar does not take up any space. 92 more words

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Fixing: Random Quote Generator

Continuing on from my last post, we’re taking a look at how to fix the problems with my Random Quote Generator project.

To recap the issues: 382 more words

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To Fix: Random Quote Generator

My Random Quote Generator is currently (as of 11th August 2017) at https://saifahn.github.io/fcc-random-quote-generator/

It calls a quote API from https://forismatic.com/en/api/ that returns a JSON object that contains a random quote. 273 more words

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First Post!

The idea for this blog is to keep record of changes to my projects – issues, my process and my progress. I think forcing myself to put my thoughts into writing will help improve my understanding and I also get to improve my writing. 193 more words

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How Responsive Is the Future of Learning on the Go?

At some point since 1989, most of us have gazed and pondered in amazement at the futuristic expectation of 2015 depicted in the 1989 blockbuster classic Back to the Future II. 930 more words

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Corporate Website Design and Development Company in Bangalore

Web Designing Services in Bangalore

To design a Website is like climbing Mount Everest, it is so challenging that each step taken to design is much prized. 1,062 more words

Requirements in Selecting The very best Website design Company

A site can be an important possession for many organizations and organizations wanting to broaden their online existence. While producing a site to market items and services can be a terrific option for many companies, it can be hard to find an excellent website design company. 479 more words

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