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(Insp Log 2) Responsive Web Design vs. Mobile App Development


By Ryan Boudreaux

I’m happy I came across this article because when reading about mobile/tablet apps and responsive web design I comprehended it but didn’t quite understand what situation called for each. 329 more words

(Insp Log 2) Why Responsive Design Support is the Most Important Feature You Can Add to Your Website


Before taking classes that dealt with web/online design, I had no idea what responsive web design was. I thought it meant that users responded well to the way a website was laid out and approved of how it looked. 518 more words

5 Points That Will Make Your Website Stand Out

Everyone wants to be popular, come out in the lime light and get that fame especially if it is for their website. If your website is amazing and breathtaking, it increases the chances of it being on top of the search engine. 354 more words

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A Handy Reference of What’s New What’s Changed and What’s Gone in Bootstrap 4

Bootstrap is the most popular open source client-side web design framework used for creating web applications and websites. In the last four years, Bootstrap released three versions and from time to time upgrading with the new course of web components for better usability. 757 more words


Responsive Web Design & Content — Learning About Learning

Adapting Our Design Perhaps it’s bad practice to distract my readers from this post, but here it goes: Stop reading my post for a moment and look at the browser you’re reading this in.

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Good news: web sites ARE getting better

The last big thing in web design has been responsive (or, adaptive) design. This demand for scalable, fluid and flexible layouts has captured web designers’ attention so intensively that they no longer have a need to prove their creativity with excessive gizmos, gadgets, games and animations. 556 more words

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BBC landing page

Hello again! I had some time, so I decided to post today, as it has been quite a while. I have just finished a fairly big project today to gain further confidence in HTML5 and CSS3. 422 more words