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Bloom Goes Live

Yay! My first website design has gone live! A big day for my design career.

Although I am currently working on some massive websites where I have been given much more creative control, Bloom accounts was the first website I helped out with and now my designs are live to see at https://bloomaccounts.com/ 86 more words

Fruit in season

The righteous man is compared to a tree that YIELDS ITS FRUIT IN SEASON. That means when you expect a response from him in a desperate moment, you can be sure he will respond. 73 more words


March Happenings

I’ve been a little quiet on here this month, but that’s because I’ve been a little busy with getting my design website updated, setting up new exhibitions and entering competitions! 181 more words


More than the creativity that I have

I have the creativity to keep me writing, as I will. An important thing remaining for me to have is feedback and helpful critique. And who would be better for it than readers for what I am writing, for that?


Responsive Horizontal menu bar with html , css , jquery

Today I’m going to show you how to create a responsive menu with HTML, CSS and jQuery. I’m going to go over how to style the menu, using media queries and how to make the hamburger button toggle the menu. 400 more words


What is a Responsive Website? Why is it important? - Xpert Zone - Mobile Web Design Agency

A responsive website is a website that is designed with elements that respond different when viewed on different types of devices i.e. mobile/tablet.