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Ain’t nothin’ like it. (*Make sure speakers are UP.) Folks, this is Fiete. He lives on a sanctuary in Germany. This was a good day… 26 more words

Superstitious? Part II

These two friends need a home together and are available right now at San Francisco Animal Care & Control! That’s Clara above, and Angie below. 14 more words

Toesday Preview: Welcome, Chief

It’s late, time to shut ‘er down for the evening (someone’s already done that) but we wanted to tell you about Chief! Sorta a Toesday Preview. 74 more words

Swingin' Around With Aperil

Meet Aperil. Aperil likes to wear a hat. Aperil then bumps into things.

And so it goes.

Ladies & Gentlemen, We Present...Wally Von Jelly Beans

Wally’s her name (we checked into this)—The Qte is her game. KB sent these in and says, “This 2.5 week old cutie pie was rescued Saturday! 112 more words

"A Meow Parlour Adoption Story" By Erika H.

“My partner Gordon and I rescued a friendly stray cat off the street about a year ago. He tolerates us calling him Thermilvden (Below, black and white tuxedo, and a name made up over 30 years ago.) As soon as we heard about N.Y. 238 more words