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Stars Without Number psionic power translated into moves

I am reading Stars Without Number and preparing a sandbox campaign with it. Go read this book : it’s free, and absolutely great. I won’t use SWN system, though; I’ll probably go with a Powered by the Apocalypse game, probably a mix of reskinned Dungeon World and… 317 more words


Quick, milk-run "adventures"

Just a small idea I had : what if some adventures the PCs have were not actually played, because they were, in hinsdigh, quite unremarkable? After all, we play games to do play the fun stuff, not to roleplay every forgetable encounter, so we use narrative devices like ellipses to move on to a more intresting part of the unfolding story. 273 more words


Dungeon World alternate monster creation

I am a big fan of Dungeon World. One of its greatest strenght is the way it connects the fiction to the mechanics : in DW, the mechanical rules will fight you if you think about the game in an abstract instead of narrative way, … 496 more words


Lack of ressources for survivors of abuse

After Saturday’s retreat and a bit of googling over the last few weeks.  I’m really sad to say that I’m terribly disappointed in Ottawa’s lack of resources for survivors of sexual abuse. 206 more words

Comment se protéger sur Facebook et autres réseaux sociaux

Comme promis à plusieurs de mes nouveaux contacts (et ceux et celles que j’ai rencontré(e)s lors de l’événement de Famille Point Quebec), voilà quelques (autres) ressources: 1,469 more words



Cette photo par Alicia Martin montre la beauté de la connaissance. Nous pouvons apprendre beaucoup des choses. Cette photo nous montre que nous sommes plus intelligents que nous le pensons. 27 more words

Le Meilleur Des Mondes

Calendrier Badi 2015-2024

Calendrier Badi 2015-2024 – Format doc

Calendrier Badi 2015 2024 – Format Pdf

Dates du Naw-Rúz - des Ayyám-i-Há - des Anniversaires jumeaux pour les 10 prochaines Années selon le Calendrier Grégorien.