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Endo(h) My

I’ve been M.I.A from posting for quite some time, this means you’re either thinking: ‘oh no, not this girl again’ (to you, I say piss off) or ‘oh great, she’s back’ (to you I say, thanks and read on). 851 more words


Enseignement et Vie Intérieure

“L’institution de l’école constitue une partie vitale et inséparable de toute campagne d’enseignement et pour cette raison, les croyants doivent lui accorder la très grande importance qu’elle mérite sur le plan et les activités de l’enseignement. 180 more words


smoothState.js ajouter des transitions de pages facilement


We’ve accepted the jankiness of page loads as a quirk of the web even though there is no technical reason for it. smoothState.js lets you add transitions to eliminate the hard cuts and white flashes of page loads that deface the beauty of the user experience. 115 more words


Position and meaning of some adjectives in French

Hello friends!

After some confusions and explanations that rose from the meaning of “un pauvre homme” and “un homme pauvre” like two weeks ago, I promised to write a little thing about it, now is the time. 292 more words


découvrir le pot aux roses

Expression du jour: “découvrir le pot aux roses
La rose symbolise l’amour. Par exemple, donner un bouquet de fleurs (roses) à une jeune femme permet de lui montrer combien on l’aime. 141 more words


The Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

The Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a concept that aims to provide flexible means of instruction and evaluation, in order to adapt to the needs of all students and give them equal opportunities to learn. 488 more words