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The Benefits of Rhassoul Clay

 Rhassoul clay is also known as Moroccan Lava Clay, Rasul Clay, and Ghassoul.  It is mined in the Atlas mountains of Morocco under precise conditions and undergoes special treatment before it gets to us Westerners in the form we know it.   308 more words

Lava Clay

Anniversary of the Martyrdom of the BÁB

Anniversary of the
the BÁB

His Brief Ministry Ends

Nabil, The Dawn-Breakers
pp. 510 – 517

Sám Khán was, in the meantime, finding himself increasingly affected by the behaviour of his Captive and the treatment that had been meted out to Him.

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Rahmat - Mercy - Miséricorde - 24 June - 12 July -



24 June – 12 July

The Anniversary of the Martyrdom of the Báb
occurs during this Bahá’í Month

A Selection of Writings with “Mercy” 1,595 more words


Utiliser, comprendre et créer : Pour un vaste programme canadien de littératie numérique

Que ce soit pour se préparer au futur marché de l’emploi ou simplement pour gérer les vies qu’ils mènent déjà en ligne, les jeunes Canadiens doivent avoir les compétences nécessaires en matière de littératie numérique. 171 more words


Herokus Design Styleguide

Heroku just recently made their ui styleguide/style kit public available. This is another great example of a good structured and visual appealing reference for the frontend elements. 79 more words


Stars Without Number psionic power translated into moves

I am reading Stars Without Number and preparing a sandbox campaign with it. Go read this book : it’s free, and absolutely great. I won’t use SWN system, though; I’ll probably go with a Powered by the Apocalypse game, probably a mix of reskinned Dungeon World and… 317 more words