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Metal, Wrestling, Resurrection, Failure and Everything in Between

We look up to stories about heroes in this world whether they are brave firefighters who rescue puppies from burning buildings, athletes who overcome disabilities and go on to win championships and even successful multi billionaires who like to build walls. 1,128 more words

Agony of the departed soul

We lost a mother
The pain of losing a loved one is hard to bear
The thoughts of never seeing physically clouds the mind
Memories of good and worst moments plays a movie all day long… 100 more words


" The Resurrection Power Of Christ ”

Our Lord accomplished so much at the cross, and even though He died it opened the doors of heaven as He tasted death for us all and was resurrected unto eternity to live and never again see death. 410 more words


Things I Wish Andy Stanley Wouldn't Say

The Ethics and Religious Liberties Commission (ERLC) national conference kicked off yesterday and the theme of the conference is how to engage culture effectively with the Gospel. 545 more words




Gary Shepard

Many people talk about salvation by grace. The word “grace” is often upon the lips and in the conversations of religious people. 454 more words

'Must Read' From Other Eminent Servants Of God

Regeneration First!

Regeneration First!

Michael Jeshurun

We must distinguish between regeneration and conversion; if we are to gain a proper understanding of salvation. Often the two are confused to be the same leading to further confusion in differentiating between that in which the sinner is completely passive (or acted upon) and that in which the sinner in a sense ‘co-operates’ yet by the acting of God! 1,981 more words

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