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Hope of Victory

But thanks be to God who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ                       1 Corinthians 15:57 ESV


For residents in a nursing home life can sometimes feel like a place of total defeat. 216 more words

You are Loved.

It is truly difficult to conceptualize how someone can love us unconditionally.  Some of us are born to parents who teach us how to accept love,  and some of us are born without that earthly guidance. 415 more words

A Testimony of Miracles in the Life of Rayford Strange and His Family

Thrice Raised From the Dead
Rayford Strange
August 30th, 2012

To the glory of God, amen.

As hurricane Isaac is on this day (my 72nd birthday) pounding South Louisiana with high winds and rising waters, I am not only reminded that Isaac is the promised son of Abraham by Sarah by faith and by the resurrection in their bodies according to Romans 4:19-21, but also reminded that by the same promise and power of the resurrection, I was also a promised son, born during a hurricane on this exact date seventy-two years ago. 20,748 more words



I was in my motor home behind the tent that hot August night of 1976 wringing out my clothes drenched with perspiration. The night air was filled with the blessed sounds of repentant souls weeping their way through to God. 3,275 more words


ANASTACIA @ In5D - Energy Update – We Are Going Through A Huge Resurrection! - 7-7-17

by Anastacia,   Australian Correspondent, In5D.com



We are going through a Huge RESURRECTION!

I/we have been going through one of the ‘hugest’ resurrections on all layers and levels over the last 3 days. 493 more words

They Cannot Stop Her Dreams

Holding her trampled ego,
She walks out tall,
A potent love potion,
Her eyes say it all.
She will not prove herself,
To those responsible for her fall, 37 more words