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Share my Joy

The Resurrection. Today, during the Resurrection, I saw the Lord Jesus in the midst of a great light. He approached me and said, Peace be to you, My children… 108 more words

“He, Although He Died, Yet Speaks”

27 Questions and answers for anyone to reflect upon.

1. What prevented the family of Adam and Eve from entering the garden of Eden, and what did Abel want more than anything else? 2,405 more words


The Resurrection of Jesus—Did It Really Happen

HERODOTUS, a Greek historian who lived 2,500 years ago, told a story about the Egyptians of his day. “At rich men’s banquets,” he wrote, “after dinner a man carries round a wooden image of a corpse in a coffin, painted and carved in exact imitation, a cubit or two cubits long. 1,628 more words



“He will not smell,” Mary said to herself very early that morning.

Yesterday was a Saturday so she couldn’t visit his grave. Today, just before dawn she tapped the other ladies and urged them on. 170 more words


[POEM] Ash

Please, show me your tepid glow
The dying coals behind your eyes
The souring sizzles
Under your skin
Let me fan the shy sway
Of your faint fire… 136 more words


Baptism- A New Creation in Christ!

So.. I was baptized when I was younger, and until a few days ago wasn’t even considering it again. I heard about my church having a baptism and thought, “that’s nice”. 525 more words


The Great Commission 

Jesus has accomplished his mission to redeem the world through his death and resurrection on his ascension he promised to send a comfort in the form of the Holy Spirit. 175 more words