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The first fruits of the resurrection, the kingdom of God, and made alive in Christ

This is the second in a series of lessons I taught in Adult Sunday on 1 Corinthians chapter 15.  Paul begins by using the analogy of the first fruits to teach us further about how Christ fulfilled this in His resurrection, with the purpose that we to should be confident about our own future resurrection of our bodies. 93 more words


The Resurrection of the Pre-Raphaelite’s “Fallen Woman” in Thirteen Reasons Why

The Netflix adaptation of Jay Asher’s novel of Thirteen Reasons Why has been well-received around the world. This is due to its freshness, beautiful-looking cast members and nail-biting plot. 1,256 more words

Was There a Literal Resurrection? Mike Licona Responds

I had the great honor of conducting an interview with sought-after author and speaker Dr. Mike Licona (Associate Professor in Theology, Houston Baptist University) regarding the historical validity of the resurrection of Jesus. 1,099 more words

Ten Problems Plaguing Modern Christianity

Was Jesus Raised From the Dead? (Video)

Below is the debate between Dr. Mike Licona (Houston Baptist University) and  former-Christian now-atheist Matt Dillahunty of “The Atheist Experience.” The debate took place at the Apologetic Conference 2017 in Austin, TX on Feb 25. 29 more words

Ten Problems Plaguing Modern Christianity

Revelation Revealed...

Help me see, even when I do not want to see,

Help me see Your sacrifice;

Help me see Your love;

Help me see You, in all the beauty that’s around me; 20 more words

Toutes les années c'est la même vanne : Christianisme (+English Traduction)...

Toutes les années ils nous font la même blague un Jeudi de Mai : “Jésus revient parmi nous” … Je suis né en 1992 donc j’ai vécu… 25 mois de Mai, et je n’ai jamais vu Jésus “embodied” en corps. 255 more words