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Rest Day 2: Santander 

OK, so where do we start? Yesterday was a shorter day in that Mikey hiked a less arduous distance, but took a ferry, checked into his hotel, and met up with the remaining Irish pilgrim from his group for a small bite. 1,514 more words


Day 13: When Disaster Strikes!

There is much in this world that we don’t know. How do you rock climb? Where can you find the best stunt doubles (those last ones couldn’t even finish the problems)? 238 more words


Day 6 of training 

So today was meant to be a 4 miles long run but turnt into a rest day. It’s fine. Tomorrow is meant to be a rest day so I’ll just switch the 2. 166 more words

Abs are Made in the Kitchen

So my boyfriend and I have a friendly bet going to see who’s going to have the best abs by July 4th. This little bet has been helping keep me motivated to work out and maintain my diet over these last few weeks. 1,073 more words

Living Well

Two days off!

Working six days a week might mean more earnings, but the people who don’t want to only live their lives working do love having two days off or more a week, or one month or two month paid leave a year. 333 more words


Day 10: Bacon and Ice Cream and a Small Amount of Exercise

Today we took a well-deserved rest day. My fingers needed it. 8/10 had cuts on the tips that would start bleeding anytime I touched anything–granite, sandstone, my toothbrush, a banana–the texture of the thing didn’t really matter, just the fact that I was using my hands. 156 more words