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12 hours of sleep and all the almonds. guilt. a real rest day.

my body was screaming at me yesterday.

and in turn, i had to keep from screaming at everyone.

between being in two weddings, traveling to and from the west coast, keeping up with long runs, a very limited diet, hip injury and a peak mileage week… i. 305 more words

16 days

Well, as I noted in yesterday’s blog, last night was a rest day. And – other than the extraordinary amount of walking I did for work-related endeavours – I took it as such.

General Workout

On and "Off" Day

Do These Things On Your Off Days

Every good training program has rest days. When you find yourself on an off day, here are three things that you can do to maximize your recovery so you are ready for the next day of training. 252 more words

How to be a Spartan: 5 tips for optimum performance & success

So you’ve signed up for your first Spartan race, you got yourself a training program and you’ve succeeded in staying on top of it. That’s awesome! 1,591 more words

Everyone Needs A Break

So I go on holiday in less than 3 weeks and can’t wait! I have been working and training extremely hard this year and decided that it was time for a break. 308 more words

Thinking Day

Today was basically a rest day. I claim all Sundays as rest days. It’s the one day of the week no matter how badly I want to run or lift I will not do it. 310 more words


Got the flu!! :(

Hello there!!

So this week was a bit of a mess, it was a national day in Mexico and I went out to celebrate, unfortunately rain poured and I had nothing to keep myself from it and I got sick, this was 2 days ago but I didn’t feel that bad so I hit the gym next day as usual and the day after, but today sickness is setting in and my head feels funny, so I guess no gym day for me today. 126 more words