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Day 271 to 273 Rest Days

Saturday 30 April to Monday 2 May (Bank Holiday)

Rest Days

Oli and Laura’s house, Cardiff

An opportunity to spend the Bank Holiday weekend with Oli and Laura was not to be missed.

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The day off from working out

I love my days off. Granted they have been a little more frequent than they should lately. But I love them, especially because I am so tired lately with all this working. 174 more words

Thursday ... also known as REST DAY!

Thank goodness today is THURSDAY. After the intensity of the last 3 days and knowing that Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays going forward will be of similar intensity, I think Thursdays shall from now on be known as REST DAY! 190 more words

My Life Today

Peaceful Pamplona

It was very relaxing to wake knowing that you didn’t have to bolt down breakfast, pack the pack (we are quickly learning that there’s an art to this) and head out on The Way. 298 more words


Tuesday Resting

So one of the downsides of jumping into the gym as an “Average” Joe who hasn’t done it before is the incredible soreness. At the moment my arms aren’t exactly straightening due to the tendon soreness at the distal (towards the wrist) part of my biceps. 166 more words

Days 264 and 265 Rest Days

Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 April 2016

Rest days

Oli and Laura’s house, Cardiff

It was nice to have a couple of days with my Oliver and Laura.

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BodyFit Review Day 4


Today was my rest day. At least for my body, not so much for my brain. As the last week of school is starting this Monday, final papers are due pretty soon. 313 more words