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Letting your hair down!

Sometimes it not a case of wanting a rest, its a case of needing a rest…

A lot of people these days have the mentality that if they take a rest day, they will lose everything they have worked for. 391 more words

Update to healthy living 8 - rest day and "diet"

Getting good, solid information from the internet is tough sometimes.  Think about the studies on eggs over the years.  Or salt.  Salmon is great for you, right!!  1,550 more words

Healthy Eating

Rest day..mostly

I was headed out for a late cardio workout and thought I had till 11pm, nope! Gym closes at 10pm on Friday’s, who knew?! Rookie over here.   21 more words

A Restful Week

Earlier this week, I wasn’t feeling energetic or strong. I took a few days off, worked out with my trainer Tuesday and Thursday, and then had a fun-filled weekend with my husband, complete with zero workouts. 106 more words

Rest Day

Let it be...

I didn’t get in my three miles today. Instead, I took the dog to the vet and cleaned the house and I have no regrets. My legs were tired and I am still working on this regular running routine so I cut myself a break. 445 more words


Day two recap:

Not much to report. Sometimes you cannot overcome the physiological, even if the mental game is strong.

The massive headache from yesterday turned into a full blown migraine today. 152 more words


My body needs a rest day.

It’s day nine of my 21DSD. The last few days have been difficult. I’ve had strong sugar cravings, and I’ve felt lethargic. Typically, I would do a stair climb yesterday and a long run today, but I decided to change up my schedule a little bit to give my body a short break. 220 more words

Rest Day