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Alex Rocco - Rest in Peace

I had planned on mentioning this when I first heard but missed out. But wanted to make sure I got it up here at some point. 154 more words

Rest In Peace

That's a hell of a "belated condolences" card

Apparently Mullah Omar is dead, or maybe it would be more appropriate to say that “he has been dead.” For a while now:

Taliban leader Mullah Omar died two years ago in Pakistan, a spokesman for Afghanistan’s security services says.

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It's just not right...

We have all heard the saying, heck I’m sure most of us have said it at some point, “Everything happens for a reason”

I just don’t and cannot agree with this saying for everything that happens in life. 111 more words

Shine On You Crazy Diamond

I’ve been thinking a great deal lately about the many important people I’ve lost over the years, people who have taught me, inspired me, propped me up when I’ve been down and simply — for lack of a better word —  899 more words


Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Rest in peace Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam.
You will always be in our hearts forever.

बहुत याद आओगे अब
थे अब तक कहीं साथ मे
रह गये बस अब याद मे
होंगी जो बातें तुम्हारी
क़िस्सों मे होगे शुमार जब
बहुत याद आओगे तब

अब जो बढ़े हैं फ़ासले
तुम जो नही हो पास मे
ये जो बातें तुम्हारी छेड़ेंगी यादों को जब
बहुत याद आओगे तब

सदियों तक देखेगा ये जहाँ
कर जो गये हो तुम यहाँ
अब लाएँगे कैसे उस वक़्त को मोड़ के
आते कहाँ हैं जो जाते हैं छोड़ के
रुख़सती देती ये आँखें हैं नम
अब अलविदा आपको कहते हैं हम

Abdul Kalam