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In Memoriam... Negru (Negură Bunget)

În urmă cu câteva zile s-a stins din viaţă Gabriel Mafa, cunoscut sub pseudonimul Negru, printre altele liderul trupei timişorene de black metal Negură Bunget… 676 more words

Tradiţie şi Spiritualitate

366 days

I have suffered unimaginable pain on multiple occasions in my life. But, the most recent loss, the wound that still has fresh blood dripping from it, the loss that almost broke me is one that is definitely in my top two. 343 more words



Through art her gentle hands I did touch
In sharing what I know of little things we met,
And in her eyes was sight beyond mine… 267 more words


In the name of my god...

Severed limbs, 

cut off in the name of my god,

burned, beaten, brutalized, 

because I chose to believe a certain way,

sometimes I wonder, is it worth the trouble, 111 more words


Dark Lights - Prologue

Yesterday was World’s Poetry Day.. a day marked by UNESCO to commemorate all those minds who chose to be something out of the box, the ones who chose to speak; not merely by talking! 744 more words

Respectful Woman - a Superhero

I suppose for a child, adult seems to be larger than life and that’s how my nephew, Carlos, drew his mom. Tall, colorful clothing with beautiful red smiling lips. 253 more words


rest in peace, bird, my short lived friend.

hey friend,

so i wrote this on 03/12/2017. i haven’t posted it until now because it has been in the back of my mind on whether to post it or not. 752 more words