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It's Hard to Stop

I’ve written so much about stopping and resting and taking breaks, perhaps because that is what I most need to hear. My life kind of goes through phases. 398 more words

Thursday's Thoughts

Stop Being Practical; Follow Your Heart

There comes a time when you have the opportunity to chase your dreams. You’re in college, studying things you love, and suddenly you are offered something that you are working for and it seems too good to be true. 307 more words


Our dogs lay around all day doing it, as do our domestic cats. Little babies, old folk, sick people, and teenagers all get a lot of sleep. 965 more words


Rest in shadow

I’m so happy to be sharing this one with you! It’s taken four days since the votes came in (thank you!) to be able to find a quiet enough space to record. 313 more words



Last year I took a delightful course online called Hibernate.  If you are interested the course is still open until Friday, so it is not to late to join if you like what you hear.  406 more words


Temple Building & Sabbath: Holy Work Requires Holy Rest

Exodus 31:1-11 tells of God empowering and enabling certain people, Bezalel, Oholiab, and others to make the tabernacle where God’s presence would dwell and all of the furniture, articles, and instruments to be used in it. 2,619 more words

A to Z Voice: B is for Breath

Breath is the driving force four body. We take 17,000-30,000 breaths in a day. That’s 7,363,289 breaths per year. However, how often does our breath end up taking for granted? 336 more words