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Things Every Student NEEDS to Know About Sleep

The school year is nearing an end: it’s crunch time! Otherwise known as the month of all-nighters. But before you guzzle red-bull and speed-write that paper until 5 a.m. 931 more words


Of Learning Fortitude

Midday sweeps in
a bronzing fury,

prickling its way
through skin,

pierces the core
to bleed

then, drenched
in affectation,

I turn away
to rest. 15 more words

A Fragrant Wind

It’s Sunday. I’ve been making it a habit to really practice being still in God’s presence, not just on Sundays, but in my every day time set aside for Him. 527 more words

Tender Mercies

What Separates Amazon Sellers Lawyer From The Rest? Meet our Founder, C. J. Rosenbaum

After learning that #Amazon stops business people from selling their goods with little or no warning and withholds their funds, I started https://www.AmazonSellersLawyer.com. Using 20 years of experience representing entrepreneurs, serving as a the chair of a nationwide Employment Rights group of lawyers and trying more each year than most lawyers try in their lifetimes, I help Amazon sellers get their accounts reinstated, avoid Amazon suspensions, defeat false claims against Amazon sellers and am writing the first book on Amazon Law.

A Permanent Retreat

In two weeks I will receive my 200 HR RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) certificate. An assignment we were given this past weekend for this week was to go on a yoga retreat. 1,808 more words

SharePoint Lists-Smarter with JavaScript

SharePoint lists are great for tracking data-easy to create, export to Excel, develop against using JSOM.  Problem is when you have a list sometimes you have documents that are associated with the list item.  583 more words


Transfer Encoding and Content Length

Chunked transfer encoding is a data transfer mechanism which enables the response from the server will be sent as a series of chunks to the client. 73 more words