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REST/JSON in MAF by Waslley Souza


REST/JSON has several advantages over SOAP/XML, so it is preferred for mobile web services. As REST/JSON is a smaller than SOAP/XML, you will be passing much less data over the network. 212 more words


His Presence is ALL you need!

“My Presence shall go with you, and I Will give you rest … never will I leave you, never will I forsake you …” PRESENCE, the Presence of Almighty God, more than anything else, is your biggest felt need. 119 more words


My bedroom got pretty crowded last night.

Madurai Junction, Tamil Nadu, India

(Apologies for small size of photograph, I can’t work out how to enlarge on an iPad!)


How to fall asleep when you think you're going to die

I’ve been a busy anxious bee these past few weeks and my sleep schedule has gone completely out of whack. All of a sudden, I found myself filled with anxious, ridiculous thoughts just when I wanted to go to sleep. 604 more words


Confessions of a Workaholic: Another Apology in a Different Style

Writing, I would say, is a very large part of my life. Not only is it the main focus of my degree; not only is it the path I would like to take for my future career; it is also the thing which has shaped my personality and preferences into the interests and activities which I do, and consequently enabled me to meet so many people and participated in an array of phenomenal opportunities. 891 more words


She serenades your Venus;
Now a hemorrhaging tear in your canvas.

She lingers there among sastrugi,
Offering safety from your chaos.

Count sheep while she plays. 18 more words


Living Simply in Rest by Jess

I have just made myself a coffee and warmed up some Banana Bread in our malfunctioning microwave and settled down to finally write this blog. It has been a while coming, but you’ll understand in about three sentences. 521 more words

By Jess