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Triple Monologues

I remember the piercing feeling of dread, long ago. The moment is far gone, the original sound already lost, but the echo still reverberates along the walls of my memory, haunting me every day. 818 more words

Conundrums & Confessions

You Can't See The Depression In Her Eye

There is a common notion that depressed people can just snap out of it. Put off the sad switch and be happy. Well meaning family and friends can say things that may cause the depressed person to feel even worse. 634 more words


Can you feel it?

It starts off slow..a little twinge here, little tweak there. It may linger for awhile or it may go away…for a time. The next time it happens though, it gets more noticeable. 277 more words


Politics the World

Politics politics politics!! im just so sick of tired of these people. why cant it just be thrown away for once or at least for a second. 285 more words

Introduction to REST in SharePoint 2010


What I really like about SharePoint 2010 is all of the new ways we can get at list data.  You can always use the Client Object Model, Linq to SharePoint, or the existing object model, but one neat new way to get at list data is with listdata.svc.  1,560 more words


The passenger

We kicked off our first evening class of the fall yesterday. It has been quite a while since the evening class has worked out and my hips were shouting at me. 499 more words