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Busy busy busy!

If you haven’t managed to keep up with what I’m doing… don’t worry! I can’t seem to either!

Joking aside, these past few months have been manic. 379 more words


Can you afford to get up five minutes earlier, every day?  If you can (and you can), you have the ability to start your day on a better note.   107 more words

newbie weds, level 3

I had a plan. I had every intention of entering this new season from a place of peace and a heart of rest. Of winnowing out the chaos created by the clutter of a thousand trifles. 266 more words

There Is Strength in My Weakness

For several months, I stressed myself trying to figure out how I could get out of a certain situation. After many sleepless nights, I finally let it go. 426 more words

Inspiring Moments

Being A Good Sheep

Lord, I truly desire to be a good sheep. I strive to do the things that please You. But You have convicted me this morning. Through Your voice in this morning’s text, You have made me acutely aware You desire me to be a good sheep well before I do good sheep things. 490 more words

Growing In Love

Come Sit With Me

Come all you who are weary and I will give you rest.- Jesus

Honestly, I had no idea what this meant all the years that I probably quoted this to others that were tired. 1,291 more words

What Does An Intentional Family Do?

Weary Paws

On weary paws
Through stretched out days
Blood stained claws
To memory fades.
“No rest for the wicked”
An unfair sentiment?
Because he’s unrestful
Means he’s not innocent? 53 more words