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Post Season Blues & Having Fun

By the time my last race came around this year, I had put in a solid 9 months of training 6-7 days a week with few exceptions.   512 more words


Series 21: Staying Healthy along the Way - Lesson 4: When do I rest?

When do I rest?

According to the Genesis story, humanity began with God’s activity – breathing into Adam’s nostrils the breath of life. We still receive life from the Creator of the universe.

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…there remains therefore a rest for the people of God.

What is this rest?

Let’s examine first what the Bible said about those who didn’t enter the rest.   557 more words

Slow Down, You Crazy Child - November 25, 2015

Ok, I know.  The title for this post is actually part of the chorus from the song, “Vienna” by Billy Joel, but I thought it was apropos for what I was thinking about today. 944 more words

Get Away_

I’ve always loved road trips with friends. With the mixture of fresh air, friendship, spontaneity and good music – Collecting ones things and heading away to somewhere new has always been a romantic attraction to me. 92 more words


The reinvention begins! Even with all the academic requirements due tomorrow, I still found the time to go to the sugar salon after what has been almost about 5 months. 1,058 more words


The mind and the body

When the mind is heavy with burden, the body returns not complete. And sometimes when the complete body returns, the mind has yet to arrive. One feels as if something was really left behind and one must run out and get it in the good rest.