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My Marketin' Strategy (Empathy - based)

Marketin’ and Advertisin’ are old games. Ever since the dawn of man, we’ve used ways to divert our desired person attention so that we can persuade them. 450 more words

There's A Massive Restaurant Bubble, And It's About To Burst, by Tyler Durden

Governments are strangling the restaurant industry. From Tyler Durden at zerohedge.com:

In January 2009, just three days after his inauguration, an arrogant President Obama, a “community organizer” and one-term senator from Illinois, proclaimed to then Republican Whip Eric Cantor that “elections have consequences, and at the end of the day, I won.” 260 more words


The Top Five Secrets of a Successful Restaurant

April 7 — Charles Masson lives restaurants, from legendary years spent at New York’s La Grenouille to his current directorship of Chevalier at the new Baccarat Hotel. 22 more words

Best Restaurants In NYC

How California Pizza Kitchen Was Saved by Barbecue Chicken

When Larry Flax and Rick Rosenfield left a lucrative law practice to open a restaurant, they had no idea what they were in for. They loved to cook and tapped a pedigreed pizza chef to design their menu. 1,155 more words


Tavern On The Green Historic Restaurant In Central Park, New York

Check out “365 Guide New York City: Drink. Eat. Save. Every Day of the Year – A Guide to New York City Restaurants and Bars.” … 36 more words

Best Restaurants In NYC

Texas Roadhouse, Inc. “Steaking” Its Claim & Expanding Down the Road

Texas Roadhouse, Inc. all began on February 17, 1993, when Mr. Wayne Kent Taylor (Founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer) opened the first Texas Roadhouse in Clarksville, Indiana. 454 more words