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Mario Batali Steps Away From The Chew and Restaurant Group Amidst Sexual Misconduct Allegations

And another industry, famous for the abuse of it’s workforce, is getting #metoo’d. An industry thick with the sleazily powerful and the powerfully sleazy. Good, restaurant and bar owners everywhere better take note, and fire yer’ right hand sycophants, before the lawyers start to show up!!! 6 more words

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'Calling it your job don't make it right, Boss'

I fired someone today…

Revealingly (at least it will be now), I wrote  “I had to fire somebody today.”  So. Yes, Whenever you take a person’s way of earning a living you take it serious. 855 more words


Between courses: secret recipes

Once again, what I thought would be a simple post has required a crash course in the unfamiliar, this time the technicalities of trade secrets, confidentiality agreements, lawsuits, and settlements. 562 more words

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Coffee Table Books

I was making small talk with a stranger at a party this weekend, and the conversation shifted to what I do for a living: working in kitchens, and freelance writing on the side. 981 more words


Sourcing Local Food

If a chef wants to make good food, he or she has to use good ingredients. That statement sounds intuitive, but it is difficult to convey exactly how much effort chefs make sourcing ingredients. 1,174 more words


Exclusive Membership to the CPC

Much has been made of the way that Instagram, by emphasizing the visual, has affected food trends and restaurants. There are countless accounts devoted to beautiful food, showing plate after plate of photogenic meals. 888 more words