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To My Horrible No Good Very Bad Server

The night before this happened, and because we have wonderful luck with restaurants when we travel, we had another wonderful service experience.  I didn’t write an email to this restaurant, but if I had, this is what I would have written. 1,686 more words


Best New York City Chocolate Themed and Dessert Restaurants

http://freshnyc.com/blog/best-chocolate-restaurants-and-dessert-bars-nyc Chocolate restaurants and dessert bars makes the idea place for you to take a loved one with a chocolate addiction for their birthday or even for Valentine’s Day. 14 more words

Best Restaurants In NYC

Chef Diaries: {Enemies & Foes}

Theme Song: I’m On The Rise by Jekaylyn Carr

Dear Diary,

I’ll keep it short today! I have learned that the food industry is full of cutthroat disrespect, mistreatment, mental abuse, money obsession, lack of love and lack of principle! 161 more words

Restaurant Associations Don't Speak for the Industry on Tip Credit Wages

Some of you, I’m sure, feel I’ve gone on plenty long enough about the tip credit wage. But there’s a piece of the story I’ve merely hinted at — and one that merits a tad more. 184 more words

Wages & Benefits

Rapper T.I. Is Being Sued by Employees at His Restaurant

Scales 925, the Atlanta restaurant owned by rapper T.I., is at the center of a legal dispute.

Clifford Harris, T.I.’s legal name, and his business partner Charles Hughes have just been named in a lawsuit filed by 12 of their employees claiming that the two restaurateurs have violated the Fair Labor Standards Act, … 114 more words