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This Job Would Be Easier If It Wasn't For All Of These Customers, Part 5

Welcome back! If you’ve been following along, we’ve gotten through four types of people who make working/dining at a restaurant less enjoyable than it could be. 1,000 more words

This Job Would Be Easier If It Wasn’t For All Of These Customers, Parts 3 & 4.

Hi friends, today continues our earth-shattering series on people who annoy me as I go about my job. I do the dirty work of writing a bunch of words in a particular order so you don’t have to. 1,092 more words

SLAM Magazine

Working on my resume always brings up old memories. I thought I would write about them, to remember the many fun jobs that I have had, and the exciting things that I have done. 206 more words

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Round About - Sheesha, Drinks & A Wrong Candidate! 

I’ve been going to then ‘U Turn’ / ‘Derby Cafe’ and now ‘Round About’ since years now. The first time I remember going there was in my junior college days in 2006-07. 983 more words