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My love, my challenge. By Dimi Leivadas

I love my job. What is my job though? It is my life really and I love living, loving and learning as Leo Buscaglia said and a very close person to me reminds me every day. 218 more words



Improve Customer Service & Increase Table Turnover 

Instant communication is extremely important when it comes to the restaurant industry. You want to be able to get in touch with your Servers, Expo, Dining Room Managers and Kitchen Managers at all times. 226 more words

Comfortable Earpiece For Two-way Radios

My love, my challenge. By Giancarlo Princigalli

The thing I love best about my job is that every day is different –  you meet new people, you face new challenges, you share your passion and knowledge with the team and guests and you get to work with people passionate about their job which creates a unique working environment. 52 more words

Somnuk 'Sandy' Arpachinda

Title: Operations Manager
Company: Bangkok Cuisine
Location: Rochester, MI United States
Notable Member 45 more words

Operations Management

Major Negatives

Often in my dismal existence, the moment when I am standing at the edge of a tall building, on the precipice of my final moments on this sweet swinging sphere, ready to leave it all behind with a final, hospitality industry-induced splat, I often find myself turning to the calming, sensible Yelp reviews that have carried me through the toughest of times. 728 more words

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Chef Clint Quote

“Forget waterboarding, go talk to the lady at table 23.”  -Chef Clint

Restaurant Humor