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Vegan Chilli Garlic Eggplant in Sun Butter Sauce

The first time I ate this delicious eggplant in peanut butter dish, was at an Malay restaurant where this was one of the completely vegan items on their menu. 194 more words

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Vegan Roomali Roti - 5 Ingredients

This famous Indian flatbread recipe is called “Roomali” Roti, as the texture and form is supposed to resemble a soft and thin scarf or, hand-kerchief. Most Indian restaurants with open kitchens will get their chefs to toss up the dough into the air to stretch the dough out before baking it on upturned hot clay pots. 197 more words

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Tandoori Whole Cauliflower

Now, that Spring is officially here, it’s time to break out my favourite barbecue recipes! Sadly, our ongoing renovations mean we can’t use my beloved open air barbecue. 321 more words

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Vegan Dumplings in Creamy Curry (Malai Kofta)

Malai Kofta is a famous Indian dish. Traditionally made with deep fried dairy based cottage cheese dumplings dunked into a cream based gravy. My vegan version lightens this scrumptious recipe by air frying the dumplings. 297 more words

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Vegan Yellow Curry with Veggies & Soy Fish

Who knew a thing such as “Soy Fish” existed, completely unrelated to the living things in the sea?! I found some on my excursion to the Asian Grocery Store last week and realised, that these were the same things I’d eaten at one of my favourite vegan restaurants a while ago. 251 more words

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Vegan Not Palak Not Paneer

Anyone who has been to an Indian restaurant or, opened an Indian cookbook will have seen Palak Paneer in all its green spinach-ey glory with perfect golden fried cottage cheese chunks, garnished with cream. 345 more words

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Chicken Broccoli Alfredo Pasta

This Chicken Alfredo Pasta is a new favorite in our house. It takes very little prep work and bakes in the oven for about 45 minutes. 350 more words

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