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Cam On (Kitahama): Osaka 2017

After our day trip to Kyoto and a nighttime jaunt around Osaka, we were completely bushed… and famished. That’s when we saw this unassuming Vietnamese restaurant close to our hotel. 186 more words

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Kinnotsubasaerudoru (Nishiki Market): Kyoto 2017

As I mentioned previously, we made the mistake of heading to Kyoto during Japan’s Labour Thanksgiving Day (it felt like everyone in Japan was here that day). 239 more words

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Kyo-Baum Gion North: Kyoto 2017

After our morning visit to Fushimi Inari-taisha and Yasaka Pagoda, we made our way back to Shijo Dori and headed east towards Nishiki Market. As this was their Labour Thanksgiving Day, it was especially crowded in Kyoto (you can’t tell in the picture below but the streets were packed). 155 more words

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Araka (Kitahama): Osaka 2017

On our last visit to Japan, we tried self-grilled okonomiyaki at Toradyu in Tokyo. While very good, we realized that we’re actually too lazy to make okonomiyaki by ourselves. 223 more words

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Kukuru (Universal Citywalk): Osaka 2017

We probably all know takoyaki (round balls of grilled batter stuffed with pieces of octopus) from street vendors at night markets. But in Japan (and particularly Osaka), these hot and puffy treats are serious business. 135 more words

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Kuromon Sanpei (Kuromon Ichiba Market: Osaka 2017

One of the more popular spots in the Kuromon Ichiba Market is Kuromon Sanpei… known for their fatty tuna. This place is very popular so it’s a good idea to go there early. 470 more words


Eggs 'n Things (Universal Citywalk): Osaka 2017

Our first encounter with Eggs ‘n Things was many years ago in Hawaii and what an experience it was! For someone who loves breakfast, Eggs ‘n Things is a dream come true. 190 more words

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