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Restaurant Review Roulette: ONE Restaurant

Shane Ingram has firmly established himself as one of the top chefs in the Triangle, as his Four Square in Durham has been on Greg Cox’s top 25 lists for years.   313 more words


Reverse Restaurant Review Roulette: Name that 4-Star Chinese Restaurant

The top of page 3 in the food section of today’s News & Observer had its typical tease for Greg Cox’s weekly review, which is how I usually identify the restaurant to be reviewed.   378 more words


Restaurant Review Roulette: Spartacus Restaurant

OPA!!!  You know, I really like Greek food, but I rarely eat it.  The saganaki is always a treat for the family, you can’t go wrong with kabobs, and any cuisine that highlights lamb can’t be bad.   378 more words


Restaurant Review Roulette: Thai Thai Cuisine

Wow, I haven’t written a thing in two weeks.  I’m reaching a new level of inactivity and irrelevance.  And I even missed Greg Cox’s review last week. 364 more words


Restaurant Review Roulette: Spring Rolls

Disclaimer: I’m mailing this one in, folks.  I took my daughter to Asheville last night to see Elton John, and she insisted on getting back in time for her 8 AM class today.   221 more words


Restaurant Review Roulette: Chef's Palette

You know how many restaurants’ menus just list a few ingredients to describe a dish?  Like Alinea, with these examples: Short Rib, Guiness, peanut, fried broccoli.   556 more words


Restaurant Review Roulette: Pop's

A long time ago, Pop’s was a really hip restaurant owned by hipsters, visited by hipsters, and all with a hipster attitude to match. The menu was fairly ordinary semi-upscale Italian, but the food was good. 396 more words