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“Does it make you happy?”
She swiftly turned around, her wide eyes wildly scanning the dim lit corners to give this voice a face. In the glow of Chinese lights there stood elegantly clad ageing bodies. 346 more words


Maxwells Restaurant Galway

Casual Dining serving quality food and family friendly.

Open fro Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Open from 10 a.m.

Brunch on Sundays


Our pop up restaurant in Shannon College bring you the tastes around France. 

For one night only!!!

€30 with 2 glasses of wine and the amazing French Blonde Cocktail


Espresso Machine for Home Use, Tips and Reviews

With regards to numerous coffee drinkers, the idea of having the ability to create espresso-based drinks from home is an enticing concept. Having said that, with a lot of different home espresso manufacturers on the market, it may be tough for the typical individual to find the finest espresso machine for house use. 750 more words


Sauteed Stories Restaurant

We stumbled upon this place. Physically stumbled upon. My heels were hurting and I needed lunch and this place happened to appear, almost magically before us. 179 more words


Ramen Kamekichi

Once more of the beaten path, a ramen place appears away from the malls and a welcome additon to gorordo ave. The ambiance is pleasant and spacious. 104 more words