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Soup Restaurant


I had lunch with a friend to catch up. She moved from Hong Kong to Singapore a few months ago so quite new to Singapore and wanted to try Ginger Chicken at Soup Restaurant. 169 more words

Restaurants In Singapore

Organic Wine Bar, Wine RVLT


As a rule, we go out on Fridays and I chose a place for this week and made a booking a few days ago, but as soon as I booked a table, I realised it was the wrong type of a place in “Dry January”. 449 more words

Restaurants In Singapore

Catch Up With A Friend At One-Ninety At Four Seasons


It’s been raining so much!  Not the usual heavy but short rain, but steady and long rain.  My husband runs twice a week from the office to home but he wasn’t able to yesterday because of the rain.  190 more words

Restaurants In Singapore

D.O.P. Mozzarella Bar

今日の夕食は、ロバートソンキーの D.O.P  Mozzarella Barに行きました。私は今回で3回目、1度目はお友達数人2度目は夫と。夫は2回目。あれからもう半年も経っていて、びっくりです。

We went to “D.O.P. Mozzarella Bar” for dinner tonight.  I’d been there twice before, once with some friends… 384 more words

Restaurants In Singapore

Dinners In The Last Few Days And "Dry January"


My husband looks sad that Christmas is over.  I’m sure it’s still New Year mode in Japan but here there isn’t much going on for New Year.  408 more words


Il Cielo

今日は、今年最後のお友達とのランチをお友達のリクエストの「Il Cielo」でご一緒しました。もう日本の方達は冬休みに入って日本に帰ってらっしゃる方も多いので、レストランは空いているかしらと思っていましたが、満席のようでした。ローカルの方も数組おられましたが、やはりほとんど日本人でした。

I had lunch with a friend at “Il Cielo” on her request; this is my last lunch with any friends this year.  As many Japanese people are back to Japan to spend the New Year holiday, I thought the restaurant might be quiet but I was completely wrong, I think it was full and as usual mostly with Japanese groups with a few local people. 312 more words

Restaurants In Singapore

Binomio With My Husband


We had dinner at Binomio, where I thought was very good when I had dinner there with my friends a couple of weeks ago… 437 more words

Restaurants In Singapore