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Dinner at Nicholas

金曜日は、久しぶりに Nicholas で食事をして来ました。2度ほど予約を入れようとしたことはあったのですが、満席だったのです。2人共、S$98(++)のコース。

On Friday, we had dinner at Nicholas. It’s been quite a while since we were there last. We did try to book a couple of times before but it was fully booked. 256 more words

Restaurants In Singapore

Lunch At Janice Wong

久しぶりにお目にかかるお友達とランチをご一緒してきました。3ヶ月ぶりくらい。気になるお店があったのでお付き合いいただいたのですが、たまたま前日にお友達とのランチの場で話題になっていたそうです。場所は、ナショナルミュージアムにある Janice Wong。モダン中華という感じでしょうか。

I had lunch with a friend I hadn’t met for 3 months or so. She let me choose a restaurant so I picked “ 341 more words

Restaurants In Singapore

Dinner With A Friend At Nanbantei


My husband isn’t coming home until Sunday.  A week without my husband seemed very long in the beginning but it’s already Friday.  I had dinner with a friend this evening.  83 more words

Restaurants In Singapore

Birthday Dinner


My birthday was on Wednesday so we went out for a dinner yesterday to celebrate it.  We were too late to book a table so all the restaurants we really wanted to go were fully booked.  460 more words

Restaurants In Singapore

Dinner at Tsukune Ichigo


We had dinner at Tsukune Ichigo last night – it’d been almost 2 years since we were there last time. We used to go there often but since the owner changed we haven’t been there many times. 201 more words

Restaurants In Singapore



After lunch, we went to “Pantler”. Apparently the founders used to work at Singapore Joel Robuchon and Tokyo Grand Hyatt as patissier. I have heard a lot of good things about their pastries/cakes. 170 more words

Restaurants In Singapore

Lunch at 999.99 (Five Nines)


I had lunch with 2 friends that I hadn’t seen for a while.  I haven’t been out very often since I got back from Japan so there are quite a few friends I hadn’t seen for the last few months. 484 more words

Restaurants In Singapore