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Bakalaki - Greek Restaurant


My husband, who was away from midnight on Sunday, finally got home this morning! It was a long separation… but he is going away again next week. 340 more words

Restaurants In Singapore

&Made Burger Bistro


I had lunch with an Italian friend, who is leaving Singapore for good very soon.  Her husband became Vegan a couple of years ago so she doesn’t eat meat at home, so she wants to eat burger and we tried “&Made” in Robinson in Orchard that we hadn’t tried before. 71 more words

Restaurants In Singapore

Jamie's Italian in Forum


My husband is going to Seoul on business tonight and won’t be back until Saturday morning. From the time we were dating for many years he used to be away half of the month and even after that he was always away a lot until we came to Singapore, when he stopped travelling as much. 357 more words

Restaurants In Singapore

Common Man Coffee Roaster

わたしはよくお友達といろいろなカフェでランチをする機会がありますが、夫と土曜日のランチは大抵便利の良いところですませてしまうので夫が行ったことがないカフェがたくさんあります。少し前に「Common Man Coffee Roaster」に行ったときに夫が今度土曜日に行きたいというので、昨日行ってきました。ちょうど12時ごろに着くように出たところいっぱいでしたがカウンターは空いていました。(帰る頃には少し列が出来ていましたが、空いているテーブルがあったのであまり待たずに入れる様子でした。)

I go to different cafes for lunches with my friends but my husband doesn’t have a lot of chances to try different ones as we tend to go to the same cafe that is convenient for shooping afterwards on Saturdays. 198 more words

Restaurants In Singapore

Pizzeria Mozza

昨日の夕食は、とても久しぶりにマリーナベイサンズの「Pizzeria Mozza」に行きました。相変わらず人気の様子で店内は賑やかで、必死で大きな声を出さないとお互いの声が聞こえないくらいでした。(お隣のお2人が帰られてからは普通に話せました。)

We went to “Pizzeria Mozza” at Marina Bay Sands. As usual, it was very full and loud – very hard to hear each other’s voice and you have to shout to each other. 284 more words

Restaurants In Singapore

Farewell Lunch


I had a farewell Lunch with a friend who is leaving for Japan for good tomorrow and our mutual friend today.  It’s been only 3 weeks since her husband received an official announcement of the relocation so she must’ve been very busy.  260 more words

Restaurants In Singapore

Atlas - Beautiful Bar/Restaurant


Yesterday, I had late lunch at “Atlas” in Parkview Square with someone I met in our condominium recently and her friend.  I’ve never heard of the place before myself but I found out when I checked it out that it made big news when it opened in March.  243 more words

Restaurants In Singapore