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Vegan in Paris: Surviving in the city of cheese

For most people Paris is a gastronomical Disney Land. Take a stroll down any Parisian street and be caressed by the aroma of freshly baked croissants, tempted by the array of cheeses nestled on gingham and defeated by the mouth-watering gloss on top of a sugar dusted tarte au citron. 570 more words








我們叫了好幾個菜,可惜他們的菜比不上我們吃過的其他幾家韓國餐館。甚至連我們這維吉尼亞州Annandale的韓國店都比他們好。可能是我們的要求太高吧。不過,我們是不會再去了。 6 more words


NYC Day 2 - French Pastries & The Butcher's Daughter

Hey friends! This is the second part of my adventures in New York City this summer. I can remember being unimaginably hot and the taste of the most amazing pastries I’ve ever eaten. 180 more words


I'm gonna have me some tacos!

Last year Americans ate over 4.5 billion tacos! 
That’s 490,000 miles of tacos, which could take you to the moon and back or, if you prefer, could, at 775-million pounds, equal the weight of two Empire State Buildings. 35 more words

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Reinvent Your Continental Breakfast

Improving Your Breakfast

Breakfast in America is an essential part of any guest’s morning. For many, breakfast reenergizes the body and sets the tone for the day. 395 more words


How To Become A Chef? Let Me Count The Ways

There’s much to be said in favor of tradition, and traditional ways of doing things. But some people, including 16-year-old Flynn McGarry, who aims to have his own restaurant by age 19, say “why does kind of struggle –  having a terrible life, missing all of your family events, being treated like shit for ten years — why the mark of being a chef?” 1,514 more words

Davis Santos

NFL & Restaurants

Forget your favorite NFL team and the millions gathered and spent.  And forget your favorite symphony orchestra, if you have one. Just visit your local low end “family” restaurant to see perfect harmony and synchronization. 496 more words