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Engagements: Erring on the Side of Love

Erring on the Side of Love

A Lover’s Quarrel, by Leroy Garrett

I can’t pinpoint when, but at some point I realized that my ecclesial tradition (Churches of Christ) was not the norm in Christianity—not even close. 1,132 more words


Speaking in an Echo Chamber and Totally Missing the Point

(Note: this should probably go without saying, but this is my reaction to a recent series of events, so, if you have another take on the discussion, good on ‘ya.) 1,082 more words


The Starfish Church

Sometimes I fear we’ve got it all backwards.  I mean, what if we’ve been missing the point for centuries?  What if we’ve wandered far from God’s true Desire and Design for His Church?   710 more words

American Church

Honoring the Hawleys

A 70th wedding anniversary is a rarity.  I’ll certainly never have one, and I’ve never personally known a couple who celebrated one.

Julia and Monroe Hawley are celebrating theirs today — August 22, 2015. 95 more words

Amer. Rest. Mvmt. (Stone-Campbell)

“Let’s Go Throw Rocks At The Campbellite Preacher!"

Neal Pollard

That one statement was what introduced my great grandfather to the gospel and is a big reason why my mom was raised in the church and why I was, too.  350 more words


Churches of Christ and Baptism

I have been reading a book on believer’s baptism (note: review upcoming), and because of that I have been evaluating what I have heard taught in the Churches of Christ, and what I have taught myself as a minister within the Churches of Christ. 1,333 more words


The History of Confession

A few more thoughts as I work through the content of my dissertation. The practice of confession has a long and quite varied history. My study in the history of confession taught me that I had much to learn about this important Christian practice. 812 more words