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The Restoration Movement, Acapella & the Trinity

I am glad to be a part of the Restoration Movement – and in particular – the Church of Christ.

But though there is much to praise about its history, like all movements, we have our ‘not so impressive’ moments and ways of thinking as well. 477 more words

Homey Places

Linder Road Church of Christ

There once were two brothers raking leaves in their front yard by piling them in a great heap, leaping wildly into it, and then rebuilding the pile. 899 more words

Christian Church


Eagle Christian Church

How do you know when someone has proven something to you?

Do you believe the loudest guy in the room or the last one to lose her temper? 972 more words

Christian Church

The Future of the Restoration Movement, Part 2

In my last blog I wrote about the new day for the Restoration Movement and began to give observations about the current state of such. I promised to give three observations. 603 more words

North American Christian Convention

The Importance of Mystery

“What we have fully explored and comprehended, wearies us by familiarity, and loses its attractive charm. But mystery awakens curiosity; engages attention; excites inquiry; gives activity to thought and zest to enjoyment. 303 more words


Book Review - Bonhoeffer's Seminary Vision (Paul R. House)

Bonhoeffer’s Seminary Vision: A Case for Costly Discipleship and Life Together. Paul R. House (Crossway:Wheaton, Illinois, 2015) 197 pages.

One thing that you can say about my book reviews is that I am NOT generally on the “cutting edge” of literary publications. 870 more words


Engagements: Erring on the Side of Love

Erring on the Side of Love

A Lover’s Quarrel, by Leroy Garrett

I can’t pinpoint when, but at some point I realized that my ecclesial tradition (Churches of Christ) was not the norm in Christianity—not even close. 1,132 more words