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How difficult can that be?

The challenge was to build a flat and level table to assemble the wing and be able to build in the correct amount of washout. I have read about “washout,” however, I did not understand it until Phil explained that washout is twisting in the outboard part of the wing to allow the wing root (next to the fuselage) to stall first and wing tip to stall last. 180 more words

Aircraft Restoration

Cub Restoration Project

I am documenting the EAA Chapter 103 project to restore a Piper PA-11 Cub Special Replica: Wag-Aero Sport Trainer. The restoration project meets every Wednesday at 7 pm in the Shep-Rock Hangar — EAA Chapter 103 hangar in Nampa, Idaho. 93 more words

Aircraft Restoration

Pongaroa Station signing

We are delighted to announce that Pongaroa Station have signed the conservation management agreement.  This covenant agreement is an important way of protecting funder investment for a 25 year period.  63 more words

Conservation- Native Bird Specie- Indigenous Project-Habitat Restoration- Pest Control

Darling Dapple on the roll - planning for the year ahead

Happy New Year,

it has been a while, hasn’t it? It seems like I hit the ground running when I started with this blog thing and then disappeared into the void. 1,147 more words


Jack of all trades

Good Tuesday Everyone,

I would like to talk today about picking a tradesman and also share with you some of my experiences during our ongoing house renovations. 1,288 more words


Restoring wooden door frame tutorial

Hello Folks,

another week has gone and I have been a busy bee. We have managed to squeeze some money out of our budget to replace the yucky brown carpet in my daughter’s and the spare bedroom that was left here after the last residents. 1,731 more words


Enhancement Projects Weed Out Invasives

Sandy dunes along the California coast often feature hardy European beachgrass and a succulent freeway iceplant that many assume is part of the native flora. However, these plants are invasive species that out-compete the native plants and the animals that live there. 633 more words