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Jack of all trades

Good Tuesday Everyone,

I would like to talk today about picking a tradesman and also share with you some of my experiences during our ongoing house renovations. 1,288 more words

Restoring wooden door frame tutorial

Hello Folks,

another week has gone and I have been a busy bee. We have managed to squeeze some money out of our budget to replace the yucky brown carpet in my daughter’s and the spare bedroom that was left here after the last residents. 1,731 more words

Enhancement Projects Weed Out Invasives

Sandy dunes along the California coast often feature hardy European beachgrass and a succulent freeway iceplant that many assume is part of the native flora. However, these plants are invasive species that out-compete the native plants and the animals that live there. 633 more words

Restoration Project

An Ode To Cultural Heritage

By Sonya Rehman

As the Aga Khan Cultural Services Pakistan enters its third decade of operations in the country, the organization’s mission to improve socio-economic conditions of rural and urban communities by leveraging the transformative power of cultural heritage has only strengthened. 794 more words


Naming Day

6 August, 2017.

What’s in a name? Are they important? Well yes, they are. Parents take great care in bestowing names on their offspring. A name may be chosen because it’s a name passed from generation to generation within a family, or it may chosen to honour a special friend, or a favourite season or fruit or flower. 239 more words

Australian Architecture

A New Home

1 June 2017.

Brilliant sunshine marked our moving in day. We were so thankful that apart from contending with furniture and boxes and the chaos and excitement and mild trepidation that moving brings, we weren’t also fighting with the weather.  269 more words

Australian Architecture