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Splishy splashy woes

The new raid week started for us last night and we absolutely powered through a full heroic clear in no time at all. Then we went in to mythics and cleared Mythic Nythendra on just the second pull. 1,573 more words


Legion Alpha testing- Restoration Shaman artifact

****If you do not want ANY information about Legion, and don’t want any spoilers about anything at all, please don’t read this blog post! I will be talking about the  1,154 more words

Shaman Mana Management

Wait! Don’t run away yet! Mana is the resource that healers use to keep people they like alive. The trick is being able to manage it efficiently so the remaining amount your character has by the end of a fight is as close to OoM (Out of Mana) as possible. 774 more words


Taking on more "Jobs"

No, not like a Thief that can also cast White Mage spells. (That is actually a really good idea; I am going to try that in my next Bravely Default play through.) I am talking about those tasks that are presented in various raid encounters requiring players to switch up their tactics. 393 more words


Resto Mastery VS The Disc Priest

Preface for this post: It contains opinions, I am aware that Legion is reverting shields to the choice of “who should I shield” not “how many people can I hit before I run out of targets lol”. 1,006 more words


Why a Melee Alt Improves Healing

Hear me out, I know most people roll healers/ranged so they don’t have to be in the melee pile; but knowing what melee go through is important for a healer. 833 more words


Nop and the Healer Mental State

Quick intro then we will get into the meat of this article. My name is Nop, I am a current Mythic Restoration Shaman and I have been playing the World of Warcraft for a long time. 2,100 more words