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I'm gonna just count this as a rest day

This was one of those days my upper body was too spent to make for an enjoyable vinyasa practice. I was amazed to find I could really feel yesterday’s WO. 263 more words


Yoga & Cookies

As I sit here and sip my tea….I’m trying to make it my nightly thing again, I bet this manages to last until it gets hot this summer lol. 566 more words


Beyond "I Like Your Shoes": Aligning Feedback with Values

The restorative theme for March is Value-Driven Effective Feedback.

Often, when we hear the word feedback, we imagine a formal evaluation meeting or slightly disguised criticism. 512 more words

Chapter Twenty Two

Once I settled the nagging questions about Hell and could finally stop worrying about the whole damn (literally damnation) thing, another question surfaced and persisted: “Why, then, did Jesus die?” 1,878 more words


If Fear Is the Opposite of Love

When I was younger I learned that hot was the opposite of cold, fast was the opposite of slow, and hate was the opposite of love. 386 more words


Restorative yoga - felt FANTASTIC

Did the first part of Astanga, to the 3rd pose of primary as I do, when separating it out. I was gonna do a 20min Bender set after, but instead I switched to adlib non-vinyasa poses. 67 more words


Self Love Slow Flow

Love is in the air! Greeting card companies are cranking out the sappy cards, florists are putting in orders for dozens of roses, and the holiday section at supermarkets are full of stuffed animals and chocolate heart boxes. 1,550 more words