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Pumpkin Chili

Chili on a cold fall evening, is satisfying, filling, warming and rocking in nutrition.  Of course, if you’re like my family, you may say, “If it tastes good, we don’t want to know what’s in it!” 524 more words


Seed Cycling & Hormone Balance

Seed cycling is a  subtle way to harmonize your hormones throughout the two phases of your menstrual cycle, using the micronutrients found in seeds.  The estrogen phase is supported by the lignans in flax  and pumpkin seeds which block excess estrogens. 892 more words


Fall and the Liver

I love Fall especially since we’ve had a very hot summer in the southern central US. My body has been in high gear for summer, now I seem to have a slow down that’s making my liver a big sluggish. 769 more words


Life Proofing 101

“It’s impossible not to enjoy life”…”something’s gonna kill you one way or another…might as well enjoy yourself”…we hear that all the time from each other.  Where is the hope here? 773 more words


Circle Talk

Building community in schools is important – that’s something that all educators understand (or at least acknowledge).  A goal of mine this year is to build better community within my advisory, and I’m doing that through Circles. 517 more words

Hormone Help

With today’s array of food choices it is so easy to challenge our hormones so that they might work against us rather than with us.  I love seed cycling as it is one way to get the body back on track.  256 more words


Why High Iodine Doses?

It’s been about ten months of iodine therapy for this Hashimoto’s recovery.  Still a work in progress.  I’ve found out one of the roots of my condition, more consistent energy, gotten off of some of my meds and feel years younger. 683 more words