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Healing Pieces

At one time or another, we have begun the healing process.  Perhaps emotionally from a broken heart, or physically from a surgical procedure.  There are literally so many types of pain and hurt, there is no one cure. 151 more words


When renovation ideas knock on your door you should first think about sanding your floors! Yes, at first it doesn’t really look so necessary but here we are going to give some examples of what are the benefits of  sanding ( just a few ones) so you can make sure you are taking a great decision! 103 more words

Standards in sanding

Standards we have in floor sanding speak how good we are as team workers ,as experts,as firm with knowledge in wood floors. We are making sanding, refinishing, polishing, staining and many more procedures in order to bring back the light on top of your floor surface,and this is for real, because with sanding floors are reflecting the light million times better -this is fact that we know because we know how to care for wood flooring. 46 more words

Sanding project

Welcome to our page! Here today we are going to discuss something that bothers us for long time and this is the internet homemade projects in sanding or refinishing your wooden floors by yourself. 116 more words

Major or minor repairs?

Shine and bright this what most of the home owners are looking for when they are trying to repair or renovate their dinning room. More windows always make thing look better, but there are hard procedures in constructing which cost a lot and need so much time to be ready. 62 more words

Small apartment ideas

When you are trying to figure out a decision for a small apartment renovation you have to think about some stuff of main importance. They are the design, the idea you want to achieve or represent and everything that is going to hold this with style- your flooring! 61 more words