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Object level Security in SAP BO Universe Designer

There were two security levels: one for each object, and one for a user. As long as the user security level was greater than or equal to the object security level they could see that object on the query panel. 384 more words

SAP Business Objects / BI

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La Villa

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Chapitre 1 – Prémisses

Ils montèrent dans la vieille 305 qui allait les conduire lentement et sûrement à la villa abandonnée que Lina avait repérée une semaine plus tôt en faisant des recherches pour son documentaire. 6,265 more words


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Ayla avait atterri sans heurt, dans l’herbe d’un vaste jardin. 2,103 more words


7 Tips for the Parent Whose Relationship with Their Child is Restricted

Many parents with severely restricted relationships to their children hold tremendous rage or anger at agencies, institutions, courts or the custodial parent. However, their limited relationship may be more a consequence of their responses to problems, than the problems directly. 804 more words

Incident in the BHSV!!!

Husby and I are extremely fortunate to live where we live; spoilt in fact, spoilt rotten. My parents bought a lovely little family home in Beacon Hills (name changed to protect my neighbours from lynching once you have finished reading this post) in the early 80s, back when property was affordable. 865 more words

I support open access research! But why?

It has been a long debate between open access and restricted access of research. So what is open access? Simply it is free from all restrictions of copyright and licence. 547 more words

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My experiences of using taxis and minicabs: the good, the bad and the ugly

The Extra Costs Commission, a year-long independent inquiry into the extra costs faced by disabled people, found that disabled people may often experience a number of challenges when using taxis or private hire vehicles (PHVs), including overcharging, poor attitudes from drivers and an overall lack of accessible vehicles. 551 more words

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This is so true, my own experience is in respect of my adult daughter in Sheffield where we have found that some black hackney cabs, while proporting to be accessible are not. This is due to door widths not sufficient for some wheelchairs, the height of access as sometimes my daughter as had to tilt her head to oneside to gain access. Even when access is obtained safe clamping of wheelchairs is not possible in that they can only be clamped in a side way position, thereby creating unstabability. To be clamped safely you need to be able to face forwards or backwards. When all is OK the fare is usually 1 plus half of the normal fare. We now have to rely on Community Transport where we have to book a week in advance and there are time restictions, only Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 4.00pm and only 2 journeys per week.