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Restaurants Week - Tallinn, Estonia

September 11th 2017 was the start of Restaurants Week in the Estonian capital of Tallinn. It is a week long celebration of good food and great restaurants. 1,164 more words


A Spanish Coming-of-Age Movie

I’m such a sucker for coming of age films, 16 Candles, Virgin Diaries, and even indie films like Electrick Children are just my jam. There’s something so raw about a young protagonist trying on a new identity or becoming independent that inspires me and reminds me of what it was like to try on something new for size. 380 more words

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Top 5 restaurants to see in Kingston

Good day readers, I bet you’re wondering why I started with food? well, it isn’t a secret that some of the best food comes from this very island and the city of Kingston is home to a diverse set of restaurants that can please just about any palate. 1,023 more words

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Sunday Side Quest (#22)

This weekend I had the privilege of stepping back in time to the 1920’s while visiting a beautiful restaurant in Logan Utah known as the Bluebird. 230 more words

Sunday Side Quests

Best Pure Vegetarian Restaurants in Pune

Pure VegRestaurants Pune

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Taipei: Summer 2K17

As part of my summer holiday, I’ve decided to take a few weeks abroad. The first country I visited, Taiwan, I spent a week in. Most of my extended family lives in Taiwan, and so I’ve been visiting Taipei (the country’s capital) on and off for a solid 2 decades. 852 more words


Seattle's Greatest Hits - Cafe Lago

The move from Seattle to New York City has been months in the making for Slaven and myself. In addition to all of the typical logistical stuff to do in advance of a cross-country move was also to make sure we hit all of our favorite Seattle restaurants one final time. 257 more words