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Why I Became a Wellness Advocate for doTERRA

This has been something on my mind for several months – to become a Wellness Advocate for doTERRA.

I’ve used essential oils (EOs) periodically on myself and my massage clients for years and have witnessed a couple of pretty miraculous things. 454 more words

Health And Wellness

Mountain of Hope results 2015

On June 20, 2015, 43 people challenged the course at White Butte. In 4 years of helping to put Mountain of Hope on, conditions have never been better. 296 more words

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A Most Fascinating Graph - and a Little Contest

Quick, Word Fans, without thinking too hard, name the scenes wherein Bilbo makes his greatest personal growth – makes his famous choices!  My picks are – 198 more words

A Few Special Words

We tagged a few other categories of words as we went along.  Remembering that while the Concordance has all 1534 uncommon words entered, I have only had chance to thoroughly examine and make special notes on the 300 which were the most interesting to me and seemed the most likely to be “archaic” or a “gem” or to fit the other ideas I was curious about.   178 more words

Archaic word peaks

My advisor was intrigued to see the peak in archaic words at the beginning of Chapter 9.  Here is the graph of those words superimposed on the uncommon word graph. 247 more words

So the IB results came out

Yesterday. And it’s a day of mixed feelings for staff and students. On my side:

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