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Right now, I’m looking for jobs. It is not an easy task. Ever since I got laid off in February, I’ve applied to over 250 different jobs across the country. 206 more words

Red Skies at Night

As I prepare to voluntarily end my naval career, I am often confronted by confusion and discouragement. I am told by my supervisors that I could go very far, the Navy needs people like me, or that I’m throwing away a long and successful career. 190 more words






How to prepare a Resume.

Hi friends,

Resume is something that every company will ask/see before hiring you for internship/placement. It should meticulously present your skills, potentials, experiences and learnings. Your resume-cum-CV is your chance to grab the potential employer’s attention and demonstrate what they will gain from employing you as an intern or permanent hire. 139 more words


The Interview Behind The Interview

During an interview it is easy to get caught up in the conversation and focus too much on what is said by a candidate rather than what is done. 714 more words


Cracking the New Job Market - Part II with Q&A

R. William “Bill” Holland, Ph.D. – Part two of this informative presentation for job seekers, more in-depth discussion on how times have changed and tactics for job search. 24 more words


Staff Recruitment and Selection Policies Need Some Serious Rethinking

I recently had the opportunity of meeting up with some former colleagues who worked with me in my startup many years ago and following its sale, went on to do other things. 1,163 more words

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