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Tips for Formatting a Resume

Do you swear by Times New Roman for your resume and cover letter?

Maybe you also still tease and perm your hair, too? Or rock the white high-tops with the acid-washed jeans? 346 more words

Job Search

New Executive Interview Management Services

They say it’s lonely at the top. That has never been more true than when you’re interviewing for an executive or C-level position. And that’s where Merrfeld can help. 299 more words

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New Career Services for the New Year

Happy New Year! Merrfeld is greeting 2016 in style: We’re debuting a redesigned website at www.merrfeld.com and offering new career services for the new year. 346 more words

Five Gifts for a Job Seeker

Be kind to the job seekers in your life. They may be feeling a bit discouraged. They may be leery of holiday gatherings where they’ll be asked 50 times whether they’ve found a job yet. 424 more words

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Is your comma in The Write Place?

From Your Lips to Your Fingertips!

Is it debatable or debateable?

Mischievious or mischeivious or mischevous or mischievous? 57 more words


Why Coaching for the C-Suite Is a Must

Most people assume that top executives—CEOs, COOs, CFOs—know it all. Not in a pompous, self-important kind of way; but rather, they didn’t get to the corner office without a good dose of smarts. 374 more words

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Why Entrepreneurs Need Resumes

You own your own business. And you’re not searching for a job. So you don’t need a resume. Right?


It may be the last thing that you’re thinking about when you’re busy running your own business…until someone asks for it. 340 more words