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Job Offers, Ethics & Gray Areas!

Set the stage:

Like most things, the job market swings on a pendulum: leverage goes back and forth between employers and candidates. Right now, there is a… 718 more words

5 Important Reasons to Contact a Job Reference in Advance

When adding referees to your résumé or listing someone as a reference in a job application,  make sure you contact them before submitting to a prospective employer. 477 more words


How to format your resume

Having a well-formatted resume is almost as important as having a well written resume. Most employers receive a stack of resumes of qualified candidates and scan them quickly before they decide whether or not hey want to read further. 575 more words


Mind the Gap

If you have ever been to London you hear repeated announcements reminding you to “mind the gap” as you navigate The Tube.  While it is helpful advice, minding the gaps of your resume can significantly impact your job search. 273 more words


Don't Be Shy: Follow Up On Your Job Applications!

According to Inc.com, a typical corporate job posting attracts an average of 250 applicants. Your odds of landing a position are pretty daunting if you don’t have connections to the company or aren’t vastly overqualified; however, there is a way to dramatically improve your chances of getting an interview. 255 more words


Making your life experience pay off

Recently, I have worked with some amazing job seekers by providing them with a free career counseling session, resume edits and cover letters. One question that came up a few times was how to handle career gaps. 621 more words

Choose Referees Wisely

I took a phone call recently from a recruiter doing an applicant reference check.  I was listed as a referee on the applicant’s resume. The only trouble is I’ve not worked with the person for about ten years, and nor have I spoken to them in that time. 92 more words

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