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How to avoid nerves during job interviews

Do you ever feel nervous when preparing for job interviews? Do nerves interfere with your ability to be the best version of yourself during interviews? 570 more words


Why “Key Wording” Your Resume Is A Bad Idea

Occasionally a client will request that I rewrite his or her resume and “key word” it to apply to a specific job posting. Key wording means using as many of the exact same words as possible from a job description. 444 more words

Planning a career change? Then you need a killer resume!

Imagine you’re a Construction Worker. You have spent the past 20 years working on construction sites in a variety of roles and want a change. You spend several months thinking about your strengths, what you want out of your next role and finally, having taken these and your financial obligations into consideration, have decided to become an Aged Carer. 631 more words

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Never Use a Functional Resume

I have been a recruiter since 2003 and a career counselor since 2009.  During this time I must have received hundreds of functional resumes.  Not in some; not in most; in ALL cases the sender was trying to hide something.  719 more words


You Only Need One Resume

When someone signs up for career counseling, I ask them to send me their resume and, if they have one, a sample cover letter.  No surprise there; I’m sure we all do it. 435 more words


Employment Ministry Roundtable - 9/27 - Get Your Most Perplexing Job Search Questions Answered!

Join them September 27 (6:30 pm) at their Employment Ministry Roundtable to brainstorm with experienced hiring managers, job coaches and fellow job seekers.  Learn Resume Tracking System Do’s and Don’ts.   124 more words

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5 Signs Your Resume Is Screaming ‘Unprofessional'

This piece originally appeared on Monster.com.

We know you’re the real deal. Skills? Check. Experience? Plenty. Oh, and you’re a people person too? Incredible! You’re a true professional—one whom many hiring managers would probably love to meet in person and eventually employ. 884 more words