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CAP 105 Course

This is the second networking we had to accomplish for class that involved meeting up with a person, such as Lisa, from the career center. She has been a huge help with giving me ideas on creative careers and websites to give me visuals on both jobs and an artistic/creative panel. 112 more words

Musings While Sending Out Job Applications

Original Post Date: 6/25/14

Notes: I have nothing to add. This all remains true. And yes, I do still search for job listings at SHIELD sometimes. 446 more words


Day #10 - Feature a Guest

Twitter responded to the the terrorist threats against Belgium, made over the weekend of November 21st,  in a very unique way:  cat memes.

During the city wide lockdown citizens initially  began tweeting information about the on-going operation. 593 more words

Writing 101

Mojo Mondays//Best day to do job apps! 

Many people dread Mondays, but if you’re a job seeker you should be looking forward to them. Job hunting is unpleasant and time consuming. But there is a way to make it more effective by utilizing Monday’s. 145 more words


The Job Hunt Survival Primer

In order to prevent my family from falling into destitution, I had to forfeit my bum ways and seek employment pronto after my long-ass trip to London. 644 more words


Entertaining Calls and Interviews

After I quit my job and moved back to my home town, I took the liberty of submitting my CV out there. When I was employed as a manager, I received multiple calls from other companies and head hunters but I didn’t entertain them because, for one, I already have a job and I want one that is in my home town. 257 more words

Benefits Package

How Microaggressions Can Wreck Your Business

Anyone who’s been following the news about the campus turmoil across the U.S. in recent weeks has probably heard of “microaggressions”—the casual, everyday slights and insults that make clear that racial bias and sex discrimination haven’t gone away, they’ve just gone underground. 985 more words