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Job Hunting Through Social Media

When was the last time you secured an interview using Social Media?  isn’t just for sharing
those vacation snaps! If you know how to use the Social Media it can be an effective and powerful Job Hunting tool. 302 more words

West Force

Throwback Thursday: Freshman Year in High School vs. Freshman Year in College

With my freshman year at Tufts coming to a close, I somehow feel more stressed than when I began. Someone suggested that for this week’s Throwback Thursday article, I write about the differences between freshman year of high school and freshman year of college. 282 more words


2016 Resume Tips #2

In order to have an opportunity to sell yourself to the hiring manager with an interview, your resume must sell you first.  Your resume needs to catch their attention and show them that you have experience and expertise relevant to this position. 445 more words


Job Requirements - a Want Ad

WANTED: “Recent” College graduate, prefer MA, 15 years previous experience required, able to lift heavy loads – upwards of 125 to 300 pounds, sit endlessly doing nothing, have a respectable, professional attitude, designer clothing required, work 80 hours per week and some weekends, and rise to the occasion when your boss screams obscenities at you that may require you to bow, bark and scrape like a pet dog. 697 more words



Failure is standing in the shower shedding tears that drip down your body to the drain, abstractly realizing that sobbing is only one syllable away from laughter. 452 more words

Unless you are a Kardashian, you probably need a "real" job

Unsurprising fact about me: I wasn’t born with millions of dollars. Crazy right? Since I’m sill not “Vine Famous”, it’s kind of important that I have a job. 344 more words