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Come join a conversation about chapter 4 of The Cross Is Not Enough on signs of the resurrection in music, books, films (click here).

The Cross Is Not Enough

James Bond Skyfall and Resurrection

The next scheduled film in the James Bond stable starring Daniel Craig is Skyfall (first release in UK October 26 2012, November 9 USA, and November 22 in Australia). 253 more words

The Cross Is Not Enough

Doctor Who and Resurrection

Philip has started a separate blog exploring theology through the cult TV-series Doctor Who.  The blog is TARDIS: Theology and Relative Discourses in Space. In… 50 more words

The Cross Is Not Enough

Pea-Sized Resurrection

A brief article by Philip based on The Cross Is Not Enough, called “A Pea-Sized Resurrection” has been distributed in the recent e-newsletter Ethos… 13 more words

The Cross Is Not Enough

Resurrection in Callan and The Eagle (Ørnen: en krimi odyssey)

Callan (British Spy) and The Eagle: A Crime Odyssey (Danish Crime Fighting Special Unit) might seem two very improbable places to find analogies of Christ’s resurrection. 400 more words

The Cross Is Not Enough

Torchwood and Christ's Resurrection (Part One)

Torchwood and Christ’s Resurrection — it sounds a bit weird, right?

Well, we don’t think so. In The Cross Is Not Enough we talk about… 564 more words

Resurrection And Pop Culture