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Excluding Shetland & Orkney from RET is unfair

Scottish Liberal Democrat candidate Alistair Carmichael has called upon his SNP rival to acknowledge the need for fairer funding of ferry services for the Northern Isles. 172 more words


5 steps every #FriendOfFoE needs to take

Friends of the Earth are under attack. But this is just the beginning of an ideological war by the government against all environmental groups. On the ABC 730 show aired April 10, Liberal MPs Alex Hawke and Matt Canavan singled out Friends of the Earth as the first of 150 groups they would like to see lose its charitable status. 380 more words

Coal Vs Renewables


Once again on Saturday, it was a busy enough day. I had just came off of the register and decided to clean the rails of clothing beside the escalator as they were really dirty after a long day, and I  heard this groaning noise so i looked to my right hand side and noticed a woman struggling to get her left foot onto the moving steps but was also falling backwards. 131 more words


Podcast 071 - Cygnar (Siege) vs Retribution (Ravyn Tier1): Our Arrows Will Blot Out the Sun

Ah, Ravyn Tier 1. Basically an excuse to run 2 full units of MHSF with their incredible UA. But will it be enough against the 2nd tankiest warcaster in Cygnar? 2,324 more words


Is Australia RET(arded)?

It looks like the year long standoff over what the Renewable Energy Target (RET) is close to ending. In that time the Federal Government has severely wounded the renewable power industry in Australia, but that has always been the motive. 400 more words


Pollie Watch: Premier's Renewable Energy Plan

PREMIER Daniel Andrews elected the Challicum Hills Wind Farm near Buangor on last week as the location to announce a plan to make Victoria the country’s leading state in renewable energy. 545 more words

Community Support For Windfarms