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One Simple, Life-Changing Thought

Have you ever tossed and turned in bed, unable to sleep because your mind was wildly bouncing from thought to thought? One of those thoughts being, … 736 more words

Lạnh tìm Xuân

​Em hỏi anh về cái rét mùa đông
Anh chỉ cười, mắt nhìn ra ngoài phố
Con đường vắng rùng mình trong cơn gió
Hạt mưa phùn thấm lạnh buốt đôi vai… 100 more words

Thơ Thẩn

The night the WiFi burnt down

Tweede kerstdag is een dag om snel te vergeten. Misja en ik gaan ieder ons weegs. Ik vertrek met mijn kinderen naar Noord-Brabant en mijn heldin blijft in Haarlem met haar kroost. 846 more words


Sustainable Infrastructure and funding issues

Week 11 Lecture 12/10/16 by Anthong Sprigg (ISCA), Damien Smith (EY) and David Hong (EY)

Why Infrastructure needs to be sustainable? 271 more words