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Access Bank Records N19.4 Q1 Profit

Access Bank on Monday posted a profit after tax of N19.4 billion for the first quarter ended March 31, 2016, according to the company’s unaudited . 172 more words


Money 2020 Europe - this is how we rolled

Let me tell you what this won’t be. A play-by-play of the conference. It won’t be that for several reasons including the fact that I missed a few general sessions due to meetings and the occasional hospital stay so I can’t comment on the full content. 664 more words

Overview of Investment Opportunities in Singapore today

Overview of Investment Opportunities in Singapore today – The bullet point edition with 3 facts you should remember.

  • Equities (also known as stocks)
  • Bonds (also known as fixed income)
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Achieve Your Goals with Smart CD Savings Strategies

An OSB certificate of deposit (CD) account is a great savings tool, providing the opportunity to earn interest and shelter your money. When used wisely, a certificate of deposit can save you in a financial pinch, or even fund your future. 159 more words

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Top UK Banks - As Seen on TV

TV Adverts are not Branding, dear Banks – but if they were…

 When I write I sit down and pour it out. Many of you remarked that it’s sometimes not even proofread and I’ve taken to forcing myself to re-read once before I publish so I avoid that level of disrespect, but nonetheless it’s not my style to work on a piece for days, it either “flows” or it’s not worth writing.

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Coffee and the #FinTech Bubble

Disclaimer: If you started reading this in the hopes that it will be chock full of figures to sustain my point, you may want to stop now.

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Are Looks Important In Banking?

So D just wrote the first part of the article on types of female banking. While discussing the article over drinks, we had a separate discussion, which eventually turned into a debate… How important are looks in banking? 342 more words

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