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Mass Affluents: product holding and preferences in Australia: Ken Research

The Australian mass affluent segment is very savvy when it comes to managing their finances. Compared to retail consumers, mass affluent also have greater liquidity, allowing them to take advantage of their extra cash to maximize returns and reduce cost through their financial product holdings. 322 more words


I am a Banker - therefore I lie

While I came up with the Emotional Banking concept a few years ago, it’s only been a year now that I’ve waved my banking-change crusader flag and inflicted my indignation of banks not caring about their customers’ feelings, full time. 1,530 more words

To all the banks out there, Say “hello” to Big Data or Say “Good Bye” to your Customers!!!

Let me ask you a simple question. What is the most difficult task for a bank? …..Acquiring new customers? … Retaining customers? …. Growing share of customer wallet? 1,055 more words

Big Data

Retail Banking Must Get Back To Basics

It’s not their fault, it’s just that the world is really struggling to deal with the consequences of 30 years of debt profligacy courtesy of the financial deregulation heralded in by the Thatcher/Reagan/Douglas era. 1,369 more words

Agile Retail Banking

I had a chance to visit Westpac in early May as part of our agency’s Know Your Industry initiative. In that two days, we met with leaders from across the Westpac Group and it’s quite amazing to see how the Agile mindset has penetrated every corner of the banking group and become a part of their DNA. 81 more words


Dear Bankers - feelings make bank

Tapping into emotions and driving positive ones through addictively delightful interactions- pays. That’s why you need to be a brand. No seriously, I know I’ve been repeating this like a broken record over the past years but it most certainly does. 716 more words

Analytical Model for Front-Line Success

There truly is a need for an industry-wide analytical model in financial services to measure and compare success of competing firms.

To date, there is no industry-wide method of analyzing customer service and front-line operations; this is why this article will introduce an original, holistic framework which attempts to analyze something very difficult to analyze. 2,197 more words

Financial Strategy