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The Human Element: Sales and Service, Bank’s Last Link in the Marketing Chain

What if I told you that after all your efforts with marketing product, positioning and price, there is a one-in-ten chance the branch representatives will undermine the sale? 581 more words

Customer Experience Strategy

The Customer Loyalty Illusion

There is no such thing as customer loyalty.  Loyalty…true loyalty… loyalty through thick and thin – requires an irrational customer, one who will stay with the bank regardless of the bank’s performance. 480 more words

Customer Experience Strategy

GlobeOne partners InvestaBank and Bankaool to bring M-Banking tech to Mexico

GlobeOne, a new financial technology company, today announced a partnership with InvestaBank and Bankaool that will bring GlobeOne’s mobile banking solution to Mexico later this year. 337 more words

Latin America

If I were Dictator of the World: Part 4

To put the problem bluntly, banks and our financial systems are a problem that needs a stern hand.  There are three different three different banks: a central bank of a sovereign country, one that should monitor interest rates, deposits by other banks, and administer loans for government projects – federal, state, and local; investment banks, these provide the credit system for private borrowing by corporations and various proprietor concerns; and the public bank that provides a multitude of services for the general public.   1,314 more words


In the future, BBVA will be a software company

Fresh from his forecasts last month that half of the world’s banks would get left behind by the digital revolution in financial services, BBVA chairman Francisco González has mapped out a new future for his organisation, not as a bank, but as a software company. 279 more words

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Value congruence and e-WOM: social media of retail banks in the Netherlands

author: Laurine Hoek

Image, trust and loyalty of retail banks decreased dramatically through the banking crisis that started in 2008. Social media and electronic word-of-mouth are seen as important tools to restore and increase relationships between brands and consumers. 141 more words

Why a Core Banking System Conversion is the Wrong Approach

Ah, remember the old days……, the days when you had to get to your bank or credit union branch before 2:00 PM in order to get a deposit recorded as a transaction for that day. 788 more words