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"next time that happens, come to me. i'll put her in her place"

I’m Googling retail horror stories to make me feel better about my day, as I sit in my pajamas, polishing off a porterhouse steak, and nursing a tall glass of shiraz. 170 more words

Tijuana Picnic 26; Don't Touch the Yellow Sock

Another thrilling episode of the greatest podcast no one’s ever heard of. Today the boys (and girls) discuss;Phildo’s claims of the week, magnetic nuts, retail horror, secret humping, sensory deprivation tank and smokers rights.


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Always A Great Ripoff (or: Why I Won't Be Shopping at Nashbar Again)

Do you remember this guy?

It’s turned into one of my favorite bikes in the stable, and one of the many rides I’ve built upon the back of a little mail order/internet warehouse known as Bike Nashbar. 965 more words

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