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Unrealistic demands in the workplace.

I’m going to be honest here. I don’t mind working, I really don’t. Actually I would prefer to be working over not working because it keeps your mind and body busy and makes you forget about other things going on in your life. 656 more words

At 30,000 Feet

At 30,000 feet, after the pilot announces cruising altitude and turns off the seat belt sign, people change. It’s a small shift, a quiet adjustment, intangible even to them. 867 more words

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May's job number will give Fed reason to pause

Unexpectedly May’s job number came in at a paltry 138,000 and April’s hot number was revised down by 66,000 jobs.

The labor participation rate, which measures how many able-body adults are in the workforce shrank by 0.2 percentage points as less Americans are even marginally employed. 175 more words

Retail Jobs & Malls Decline Nationwide

One in ten employed Americans works in retail. Those jobs are going away.

Heritage Park Mall is a tomb, a crumbling and boarded-up monument to a particular weird moment in American history when we did that most American of all things: attempt to perfect a community by rebuilding it from scratch. 174 more words

She could sell swampland to a frog

She sold $1000 worth of makeup and brushes on the regular. This meant she got more hours than other freelancers. Her bosses loved her. Charming, pretty, forceful, but with a smile, she could sell swampland to a frog. 597 more words

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J.Crew Is Slashing 250 Jobs as Sales Crater

J.Crew is cutting hundreds of corporate jobs and reshuffling its top management in a bid to finally halt a deep sales decline.

The apparel retailer said on Tuesday it… 381 more words


The YUGE job losses Trump is ignoring: retail workers

This is not a good time to have a job in the retail industry.

If you’ve been to a shopping mall recently, you may have noticed that many storefronts are empty. 1,780 more words