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Los precios llegan a su fin. Las liquidaciones.

Cuando una temporada o evento promocional como la navidad, el buen fin, el regreso a clases, día de muertos o día de las madres terminan, los minoristas generalmente se quedan con mercancía rezagada. 980 more words


Prices come to an end. Markdonw prices

When a seasonal or promotional event like Christmas, back to school, Day of the Dead or Mother’s Day come to an end, retailers generally stay with merchandise behind. 808 more words


Brand distribution 2020: Wholesale is the new retail

2014 began with a surprising bulletin from New York’s Ralph Lauren: “Net revenues for the full year 2013 increased 7% … wholesale revenues up 11% …”. 998 more words


Retail Strategy – How Social Media, Cross Selling and Franchising, Store Design e.t.c Helps Retailers.

The rise of social media in the last 10 years has totally changed. That effect has reached out over all commercial enterprises and has been particularly common in retail, where it has transformed the brand to customer relationship into a more customer driven interaction. 1,487 more words

Cross Selling

Marketing from the Grocery Aisles: Omnichanneling

“I went down the street to the 24-hour grocery.
When I got there, the guy was locking the front door.
I said, ‘Hey, the sign says you’re open 24 hours.’ … 854 more words

Julie Lary

Why Clerys is Gone - the Real Reason

My very first ‘real’ job was in Clerys.

It was in Principles (long lost to the recession) on the first floor, where fashion went to die. 1,081 more words


F.A.O. Schwarz didn’t have to die

In a “say it ain’t so” moment, beloved toy store F. A. O. Schwarz has announced that it will not be staying in business, even though its lease on the grand space it occupies at Fifth Avenue and 58th street is not up for renewal for some time. 550 more words