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Experiences sell; Stories sell; Get-togethers sells… Products don’t sell. (G Boustani)

Customers are not impressed with what retailers are offering because they can simply go to the next door neighbor and get what is more convenient to them, if you do not meet their expectations or demands.

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designers regain control.

Much has been said about this year’s play of musical chairs among creative directors at fashion houses. It is clear that designers have lost significant influence within key areas of the fashion industry. 249 more words

¿Hay variedad en la repetición? Optimización del Surtido.

El surtido de una categoría de productos debe tener variedad en su contenido. Entendiendo como variedad, eliminar productos repetidos, que puedan ser substituidos por otros similares. 621 more words


Is there variety in duplicity? Assortment Optimization

Is there variety in duplicity?

Assortment Optimization


The selection of a product category must have variety in content. Understanding as variety removing repeated products that may be substituted by other similar. 532 more words


Retail Strategy

The concept of strategy was first evolved in military operations and was later adopted by the business world. It was first used as a method to counter competitors actual or predictive moves. 769 more words


Does This Thrill You?

For his bachelor’s, the groom’s brothers decided to offer him a special gift instead of a cliche party: “we are all going to the Alpes. We will jump from the plane and we will have a blast”. 515 more words

Retail Diaries

Experience- a relative concept?


noun: an event or occurrence which leaves an impression on someone

verb: encounter or undergo (an event or occurrence).

Not every brand has understood what customers are really searching for.

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