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Kit and Ace not part of the Kit and Kaboodle of Retail Pullbacks

You may have read about Kit and Ace closing all their stores outside of Canada and retrenching to focus on their Canadian and online businesses. Some may consider this just part of the macro story regarding store closures, poorly performing malls, Amazon dominance, consumers not preferring to shop in stores any longer yadda, yadda, yadda… 440 more words

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Amazon and the End of CPG Branding

Voice-control disruption

Amazon is on its way to dismantle Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) branding, fundamentally changing the principles of global retail.

The success of CPG branding relies on 3 key factors: 408 more words


Wellness Vodka - The Environment


Wellness Vodka – Selling Hard Liquor to Millennials 

  • Wellbeing – a sense of mental and physical comfort – is a trending international consumer need, especially sought by the millennials.
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Wellness Vodka - Selling Hard Liquor to Millennials


Between health­ conscious millennials and individualistic Gen Z, who prioritise being true to themselves over traditional group bonding rituals, global alcohol consumption is steadily declining. 172 more words


STRATEGY/EARTH DAY. "Furniture Take Back" at IKEA US, in Collaboration with Goodwill

IKEA is committed to having a positive impact on people and the planet. This sustainability event reflects how IKEA would like to help its customers live a sustainable life everyday. 226 more words

How Nike and Adidas Create Hype Through Scarcity

How can a global brand stay relevant, desirable and create a worldwide wave of excitement?

By taking a page out of the traditional luxury rulebook and creating scarcity. 141 more words


Defining "Specialty" Stores Today

There was a time when there were only two kinds of stores to choose from: Department stores and specialty stores. Department stores were defined by massive footprints, either as mall anchors or in downtown marquee locations, carrying a dazzling assortment of categories, spread out over multiple floors. 574 more words

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