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Day Out

There is nothing quite like a girls day out. Complete with shopping, food and your favorite people, absolutely nothing compares. When the stress of life starts to creep in, and leave you feeling drained, it’s always best to find a way to relax and unwind completely.   243 more words

I Feel Pretty

I may have indulged in a bit of retail therapy recently but I regret nothing. The two things I got make me feel amazing and, honestly, sometimes a girl just needs to feel pretty! 191 more words

Daily Life

Nail Adventures: An Appeal For Warmer Weather

I feel like it’s been winter for 1,000 years now. Weather can’t decide between Cold, What The Fuck Cold, and Fuck It Cold.

Fuck It Cold is when you step outside your house to run an errand, the wind/snow/chunks of ice hit you and you decide “Fuck it; I’m staying home,” and go back indoors. 380 more words

Nail Adventures


So this is hopefully going to be a new segment every week here on TIOB: Buy of the Week!

Each week I will be sharing either my favourite  295 more words


It's the End of the World As We Know It

So yesterday was the day. The Day. I mean THE DAY.

After making plans to leave work early, I ended up taking the whole day off, knowing I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on much anyway. 1,190 more words


Life Lessons from Working Retail

  1. First impressions: To quote the wisdom of Elle Woods from Legally Blonde, “First impressions are not always correct. You must always have faith in people.” You never know who might be your most important sale of the day or your most interesting encounter of the day.
  2. 311 more words

Topshop Therapy Sessions

So, it would seem that I somehow managed to jinx myself in my last post – I wrote about breakups and that’s exactly what’s happened. Now as the natural order goes, I will be doing some serious retail therapy and thankfully I have two wonderful excuses to do so (aside from the aforementioned event). 317 more words