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Laptop and Tablet Love—6 Covers Students Can’t Get Enough Of

From notebooks and textbooks to tablets and e-readers the college market is going digital. With this constantly changing sphere there are two things we can count on in the college retail market: college students are dependent on technology and technology is a virtually recession-proof market. 125 more words

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10 Back-to-College Essentials

It’s that time of year again; the back-to-college countdown begins. According to the National Retail Federation, college students and their families will spend nearly $46 billion, an average of $836.83 per family, on back-to-college supplies this year. 166 more words

College Students

Fitness Frenzy--Trending Fitness Products

You’ve probably heard of the Freshmen 15 but it is not uncommon for all college students to gain weight while in school. Exercise is important no matter your age, but college students are reporting higher rates of depression, anxiety, and obesity… 167 more words

College Students

Get Loud--Trending Audio Products

Millennials spend most of their waking moments glued to a screen but audio is a large component of their media time. Headphones and speakers are used for almost every gadget available these days. 221 more words

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4 Top Must-Know Retail Trends of 2015-GoERPBaby

The retail industry continuously changes in result to major swings in buying behavior of customers. Here are 4 Top Must-Know Retail Trends of 2015.Unifying power of the cloud,In-store personalization becomes the norm,Sharp lines between retail channels are confusing and Mobile wallets go mainstream.IF you want to consult for your retail business.Call Today:718-717-8666.

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The "market" forces shaping retail experience

Blame it on Chanel and its Autumn/Winter 2014 fashion show, overdosed and high on the very vitamin supplements that could have been taken from the aisles of its supermarket runway concept, markets have become a relevant theme and concept in retail experience. 369 more words

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Future Implications/Trends of Social Media in the Retail Industry

As social media keeps evolving along with increased participation from individuals globally, retail companies continue to evaluate and implement new strategies to catch up with the growth in the digital arena.  849 more words