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This training bundle will teach you how to get ahead in the world of Digital Marketing

There are many opportunities in the world of digital marketing, especially as businesses go more and more digital. The Digital Marketing Guru Bundle will give you the training you need for just $39. 81 more words


A 5-pack of Powertabs disposable battery chargers are on sale for just $20

A low-battery warning popping up on your phone can be pretty inconvenient, especially if you won’t be near an outlet soon. But if you have  94 more words


Sears Still Has Over 1,200 Stores

Despite a string of store closings meant to align Sears Holdings Corp.’s (NASDAQ: SHLD) location count with its falling revenue, the company still has over 1,200 Sears and Kmart locations. 322 more words


Photos: The Record-Breaking Residential Towers in Midtown Manhattan

Stephen Wilkes photographs the skyscrapers.

vanityfair.com: Photos: The Record-Breaking Residential Towers in Midtown Manhattan

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Ever taller, ever thinner, the new condo towers racing skyward in Midtown Manhattan are breaking records for everything, including price.

72 more words

Australia’s weird approach to bottled water gets weirder

Our fair nation’s weird approach to bottled water has just gotten weirder with one local supermarket actually charging more for a smaller quantity of the product. 82 more words


This ultra-soft bamboo bed sheet set is on sale for just $30

Get the best night’s sleep of your life, and wake up feeling refreshed every morning with these luxurious sheets. The Ultra Soft 1800 Series Bamboo Bed Sheets… 86 more words


How To Survive the Retail Floor

On the retail floor, it’s complete madness. Where ever you look, customers will be waving you down, trashing the aisles, making you question your sanity. And, as retail workers, we have to keep our calm and deal with the situations that want to makes us scream and cry and rip our leg hairs out. 1,057 more words