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One Hour at a Time

“We were somewhere around Barstow on the edge of the desert when the drugs began to take hold.”  Well not quite, although being on ‘something’ would make going back into retail work at 42 years of age a little easier. 855 more words


A Little Intro

To all you shoppers out there who are the “sensitive” type this blog is NOT for you. My mission is to speak the truth about the struggle all retail workers go through on a day to day basis in one of the biggest retail companies in the world. 89 more words

The beauty of small potatoes: Canadian company launches new mini potato line

The phrase “small is beautiful” is often used to champion small, appropriate technologies that are believed to empower people more, in contrast with phrases such as “bigger is better”. 415 more words


Experiences consumers want versus data retailers need; what's ahead? | Retail Customer Experience

Customer relationship strategies are impacted by more devices, more data, more category disrupting innovation and deeper customer relationships. Retailers need to have a strategy for each one of these elements. 14 more words



Can you answer 12 questions about business and success?

  1. What is Success?
  2. Where Is My Brand?
  3. Branding Roadmap!??
  4. What is a Brand Launch?
  5. hy You Can’t Invent a Brand!
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New Research from The Relevancy Group

The Relevancy Group recently released two new research reports that export consumer behavior and attitudes. This research is part of our Relevancy.AI Research Subscription. Learn more about… 130 more words

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