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SmallBiz Tip: Great Retailers Think Big

Orangeville, ON (SmallBizMag) Great retailers think big, even if their store is small. If their instincts tell them to try out a new category they do it. 31 more words


11 Facts That Prove That The U.S. Economy In 2017 Is In Far Worse Shape Than It Was In 2016, by Michael Snyder

How bad do things have to be before even puffed-up government statistics cannot hide the deterioration in the economy? Things are getting worse. From Michael Snyder at theeconomiccollapseblog.com: 319 more words


Tesla shall inherit the mall

The good ol’ shopping mall is dying, sapped dry by Amazon et al, as countless headlines attest. But if you’ve been to a Tesla store lately, you’ve seen the foot traffic. 324 more words


19 Apr 2017 (TheAge) - Retailers' best trading conditions 'behind them'

(19 April 2017, The Age, BusinessDay, p20,  Madeleine Heffernan)

‘The halcyon days for Australian retailers are over as wage growth slows, people eat into their savings to pay for soaring electricity, education and healthcare bills, and international retailers set up shop. 27 more words

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Ruffin's Pet Centre Inc. Announces New Franchise In Fonthill, Ontario

Fonthill, ON (PRWEB) Mark Reynolds, President, is very pleased to have Keith McEvoy as the latest member of the Ruffin’s chain. “We are very lucky to have Keith as a franchisee, his years of animal experience and his enthusiasm and love of pets will ensure that the Fonthill Ruffin’s Pet Centre will be an immediate success.” 114 more words


Introducing North America’s newest online shopping engine: Price Reel

Toronto, ON (PRWEB) PriceReel was created with the intent of bringing the complete shopping experience online. Explore a repertoire of over one million products from more than 1,000 retailers, and be easily connected to the products off of your wish-list faster. 311 more words


Can Amazon be stopped?

In what seems to be a license to print money, Amazon just continues to roll over the competition in retailing and cloud services.

Amazon’s success in eCommerce could be repeating in enterprise communications. 7 more words